Hight pressure sodium versus metal halide

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  1. I know nobody recommends using a t5 to flower but for electric bill costs, does metal halide use more or less or the same as a hps? Or can u get away with a t5 for flowering. P.s. I know I will have a smaller yield with the t5!
  2. I prefer led grow lights, very healthy plants, no heat to worry about, and low electric cost!
  3. I've heard mixed opinions on the reliability of LEDs high output but costly investment
  4. Hi.. To answer your question... a HPS and a MH (of the same wattage) will use the same amount of electricity.

    You can certainly use a T5 for flowering, I would recommend that you add some CFL's (of the correct color) to suppliment the T5.

    Good Luck!
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    Aye, they can be costly, but for my two personal plants, I got a smaller led light so cost was lower and they do the trick. The one light covers 1.5 sq ft grow area and is perfect mix of red/blue spectrum for veg and flowering stage just by changing lighting times. The plants look healthy and hopefully I get a decent yield, that's all I care about really, just depends on what you want/need as far as # of plants, how much you want to spend, and how much time you spend taking care of them. But I'm still fairly new grower, so more experienced might say otherwise.

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  6. What colors would you recommend for the Cfls to add for flowering. Soft white, ect....
  7. This chart should help you for types of light needed or at least light spectrum for flowering and veg.

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  8. yup add some soft white cause that t5 has alot of that blue spectrum the soft white adds come of the red spectrum..
  9. Thank you guys

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