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  1. Ok, I wanna say two things before I ask my question. I'm currently dating my girlfriend, we've been together for 3 years, and the spice is leaving, the relationship just doesn't feel fulfilling anymore. I've also recently started talking to an old highschool friend of mine, she's smart, funny, similarly thinking on a lot of major issues, but much as she makes me happy, I don't want to throw away my current relationship, but I'm not as happy ad I once was. Combine it with the fact that I'm probably friend zoned to boot, I don't even know how she feels. So I'm posting a question to the board.

    Should I admit the fact that I've cared for my friend for seven years so far, and risk my relationship? Or should I accept a friend zone sentence and enjoy having her as a friend?
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    First of all, break up with your gf. If there is nothing there anymore, you're wasting your own and especially her time by leading her on. Not to mention thats just a dick move/ pussy ass thing to do. Break it off.

    Secondly, you gotta tell your friend how you feel, or you'll ALWAYS wonder what could have been. Trust me on this one. It's not worth the heartache to stay friends and hang around a girl who you have such strong feelings for if those feelings aren't reciprocated. And there WILL be heartache in that situation, plenty of it for every second. You can't just keep those feelings to yourself forever; eventually they will surface and be obvious, so it's best to do it soon as possible.

    Chances are if you did try to keep them to yourself forever, you would end up saying or doing something you WILL regret and never speak to her again. In that case, you just lost a great friend AND now you also have to wonder forever. I'm speaking from experience here, and I've been told I give great advice, so listen: you need to man the fuck up and either ask her on a date and make a move (or at least make your intentions perfectly clear), or just let her know the deal face to face. A lot of the time just telling her could chase her away though, so only do that if you're sure that she is really into you also.

    Look, I'm probably rambling and I have a whole lot more to give on this subject, but my main point is you have to try. Once you get it out there it will feel so much better, even if she doesn't want to be with you because at least now you know for a fact that it could never have been. Constantly wondering is one of the worst feelings ever next to clinical depression. You have only two choices op, let her know how you really feel about her (in the subtlest of ways), or, live the rest of your life wondering if maybe she would have been the mother of your children if things had gone differently. Your future with this girl lies totally in your hands. Potential eternal bliss with the girl of your dreams, or never ending heartache and a burning curiosity? Choose wisely.
  3. This is a normal feeling to have in a relationship of 3 years, I'd say. Sure, it's normal to still think about that girl you've been crushing on for years and imagine what your life could be like right now if you had spent time with her instead.

    Don't break up with your current GF. Sit down with her and have a serious conversation. Be open with her about how you don't feel the same anymore. Maybe there's something that she's doing that's making you feel off, and by talking with her about it you can fix it. You already have 3+ years invested in this woman, you better at least try and fix it before you just cut it off!

    Also, if something positive comes up during your talk with the woman, things might go back to a time when you guys felt really good together. Then you wont even think about leaving her for that other girl. And also, I wouldn't mention anything to her about this highschool sweetheart of yours haha.;)
  4. Take it from me man

    Wasnt a high school sweetheart, but an ex coworker who i knew for a while.
    Always wanted her.

    Was with my ex girl for 2 crazy years, and we kinda like took a lil break, and i banged out the other girl who FINALLY wanted me.

    We fucked 2 times, then she stopped talking to me

    My ex and mine relationship was never the same after wen we got back together, lasted 2 more months, and te love of my life is gone :( new job new state new guy

    And me, im alone

    Moral of story: appreciate what u have.

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