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Highschool and Videos

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by BuddhistBrian, Sep 24, 2010.

  1. Hello GrassCity people!

    I have recently started making YouTube videos of me smoking and talking...
    I was wondering if my highschool saw a video of mine if they would be be to legally punish me for it.

    I live in Florida if that helps
    thank you
  2. at my school definatley hahah, i wouldnt do it
  3. Yeah but the odds of them seeing it are pretty slim. Your school is small compared to the world audience, plus mostly stoners watch those video. I would say it is safe if you keep it below a certain amount of views. Making your hair up different and wearing sunglasses or something would lower the already low odds of getting caught.
  4. such a bad idea.
  5. i honestly wouldn't put anything past the education system
  6. i don't think that they could legally do anything to you, but if you go to a magnet school or a private school they could kick you out. If someone at your zoned public school was to see the video, they would probably take you to the deans office and give you a talking to, and most likely call your parents. i would say that the safest thing to do would be to not make the videos at all, or save them till you graduate.

    on an unrelated note, which part of florida are you from?
  7. and if you are applying for jobs or college and they find something like that, you can kiss your chances goodbye.
  8. ^this too

  9. what a wonderful place we live in
  10. Yeah they would be able to punish you but I highly doubt your school staff goes around searching YouTube for videos of people smoking weed, and if they did, what are the chances of them stumbling upon yer video?
  11. why is that a chance you'd even want to take, though? posting vids of yourself on youtube talking about weed and smoking is not worth getting the school on your ass, or losing a scholarship or not getting into college or not getting a job. you probably won't face charges, but if there's a chance you'll get your ass fucked why would you even want to put shit on youtube? it's not like it's hugely personally rewarding or anything.
  12. they probably can punish you
    they will definietely call the cops
  13. i wouldnt doubt it, i remembered people getting suspended / expelled for fighting out of school. rediculous.
  14. Not as bad as some people I knew. They had/still have videos on their facebook accounts.
  15. I absolutely do not, for any reason, show any part of my head on a video. This stuff can come back at an unexpected time to bite you. I really don't feel like wrecking my career because I wanted to be cool in an Internet video.

  16. Tampa Bay Area
  17. You wanna bet they can? FYI if you commit a crime and film it, guess what, that's called EVIDENCE!

    There are all sorts of stories of people committing criminal acts on Youtube and later getting busted.

  18. If a school administrator saw you in a video smoking weed they are legally allowed, and probally legally obligated to punish you and get law enforcement involved.

    I wouldnt worry too hard though. Because honestly, theres thousands of videos of random people smoking on youtube. But be safe about it. Dont show your face or display your real name or information on youtube... or anysite for that matter. Use common sense.
  19. ^^^ get this through your head kid.

    It aint worth it.
  20. A bunch of my buddys filmed themselves messing around on the high school roof we used to go to and they uploaded it to youtube. And when they came in a week later they all got suspended

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