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  1. when i smoke i try to get a very strong feeling out of it
    but mostly the only awesome highs last 30 mins then fade into light high for an hour then a buzz for 30 mins or so any one else always feel like this?

    i wish i cud stay higher longer anyone know any tricks?
  2. smoke more weed!

    but really im not to sure. for me my highs dont last too long anymore. its a bummer. :(
  3. There aren't necessarily tricks that will keep you higher longer and smoking more weed isn't the answer, all that's going to do is reduce your stash faster. From what your describing it sounds like you're smoking mediocre bud and the simplest answer to this--while not simply done--is to score better shit. Some strains such as G13 have been bred and cultivated for its high concentrations of THC while others like NYC Diesel for its subtle cerebral effects. Both have fairly long lasting but markedly different highs. G13 is going to put you down but the NYC Diesel is gonna lift you up. Here's a list I compiled and posted in another thread, hope this helps.

    1. G-13 - 25+% THC
    2. Arjan's Haze - 22.3% THC

    3. White Widow - 18 - 22+% THC
    4. AK-47 - 21+% THC
    5. Blueberry - 18 - 20% THC
    6. Kali Mist - 18 - 20% THC
    7. Haze - 15 - 18% THC
    8. Northern Lights - 14 - 16% THC
    9. Hash Plant - 14+% THC
    10. Jack Herer 14+% THC

  4. I dont even know if I can get different kinds around here.

    I just goto who ever will sell me a O. and to me its just "weed".
  5. jesus christ whoa thanks ak infinity
    shit i didnt know any virietis topped 20 %
    shit is g 13 a clone or hybrid or sumthing
    cuz thats a fucking lot of thc shitttttttt
    thanks alot im gettin that next time for sure
    have any of u tired trainwreck?
    if u havent i highly suggest u do that has an amazing body high i loved it
  6. S'up bros, hey Sherlockhead do you know if that Trainwreck was crossed with anything because the TW I'm thinking of actually has an "up" energetic high that's a good daytime smoke. TW is a favorite among the Northern Californian connoisseurs that go crazy for its intense smell and lemon-lime taste. Its effect belies its name in this case.

    Ak infinity's unrealistic wish list:

    The strain I most want to smoke is Asian Fantasy AKA AAA. The most sensational aspect of this particular strain was that the high never leveled out, the more a person smoked the higher they'd get, literally. The high produced from this mythical bud was deeply narcotic and sedative while yet retaining a powerful feeling of inspiration.

    Sadly this strain is now completely extinct because of someone's pettiness and greed. Go figure huh?


    P.s. I wish I could smoke you out Gamefreak701 because weed is not weed bro.
  7. haha yea thanks, AK Infinity.

    hopefully once I get to college this september I can meet some real hookups and get my hands on some of these different types everyone speaks of.
  8. that sucks
    yeah im in norcal and its pretty abundant in this area
    we got about 2 dubs worth for only 9 bucks
    that plus about a 10 of norhtern lights got like 6 people baked out of our minds
  9. heh sounds like I should come to your house when I hit up santa cruz :wave:
  10. some days i like to smoke until i'm stoned, then 45 mins or so later i'll smoke a pinch, then later on i'll smoke another pinch, then again when i see it fit to do so i'll smoke another pinch, then after a while i'll smoke another pinch, and so on. smoking a little at a time keeps me haaaappy all day. it amazes me how much of an impact a few more hits can have once i'm already high.:smoking: :smoking: :smoking:
  11. Eat a lot of chocholate, apparently some chemical in it helps prolong the high and its always nice when u have the munchies =p
  12. pick up some 5-htp's at your local wal-mart. you can get 45 for like 8 bucks. they're just vitamins but if you take like 6 an hour before you blaze, it'll enhance your high..
  13. That usually happens to me when my tolerance is really high. Could that be the problem?
  14. Goddamn, I wished I still lived in San Francisco! Dallas stinks for the various varieties of weed. But then again, I've only been back in the city (been in Nacogdoches for college... ::shudders::) for a little over a month now. That list has me drooling now! Damn you, AK!... lol.

    -Antwan L.
  15. man sf has a pretty mean club, specialize it purples

    same with berkeley

    sf area is greeeeeeeeeeat for weed anything u want u can get

    mostly indicas tho, havent seen too much sativas

    hows the herb in tex?
  16. do some other drugs then smoke. when im on dxm i can take one hit and be mad high for like 45 minutes.

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