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Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by DiRtYpImP, Aug 17, 2003.

  1. What would u recommend to have with my weed like opium and etc... that will intensify my high??
  2. get better weed and you dont have to add to your herbs. enjoy them in their current state........umm ok im done......Stay High!
  3. i have good weed already from my dealer but my homies from cali told me that opium is the shit on weed and i wanted some other opinions...
  4. i tired it once it wasnt as good as i heard but ive been smokin a long ass time so try it you might like it!

  5. Get a bong.
  6. I recommend you stick to the all natural ganja and learn the many fine ways to enjoy it. I know others don't always agree, but I don't like to do things that can seriously affect me. Marijuana is the safest mind altering substance known to man.

  7. roflmmfao good one bliv...that usually does wonders fer yer high

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