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Highs Aren't Enjoyable

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by EFS, Jun 2, 2009.

  1. So, as some of you may have replied to my thread and may know, last Wednesday, while extremely high, I had a severe panic attack. Ever since then, all day long I get this feel like I don't know if I'm alive or what I'm doing (Its called Depersonalization). Now, if anyone can help me out with getting that to go away I'd appreciate it, now comes the real problem.

    I have gotten high 4x since the attack on Wednesday. Every time I do, all it does is increase the depersonalization extremely. Yesterday I was sitting on a cliff after a bowl with my bud and I kept asking him if I was alive. I just had this overwhelming feeling of fatigue. Does anyone have some input on this? Could it be that I haven't had much sleep lately? Or that finals in school have me kinda stressed?

    Thanks in advance

  2. You're overthinking it, getting high is just fun....but its also not for everyone maybe you aren't meant to be a toker lol.
  3. you need to take a break and you need to find what you want out of weed.

    And you need to find what you really wanna be doing with your life.

    start working towards this and then start smoking again. buy yourself some nice shit, glass bongs, spoons, grinder.

    when you start smoking again you'll be even more energized with ideas on how to keep being the better person your working towards...

    I started working towards school,work,reading,watching movies,playing guitar 3x as often,picked up piano/keyboard. just productive things to keep myself busy.
  4. First of all. Try smoking a small quantity over a big one, so you still have enough control on your mind.

    Second, with that control, you should be telling yourself you ARE alive. Do not start your next session by thinking it will happen again because chances are it will.

    It's really about making yourself believe. When you start asking yourself or your buddies if you are alive, then tell yourself it's the proof you are still alive. Do not panic, no one has died because of MJ yet and you won't be the first one.

    Stay cool and enjoy your next session
  5. To that one guy, I never felt this way until the panic attack. Before that I got high tons of times and always felt good. But it seems every time I do now, I get that EXTREME, and I'm talking FUCKING EXTREME depersonalization. And it goes on all day? Could it be from dehydration or no sleep? Cause I'm in both of those categories right now! lol
  6. Take a couple days off from smoking, sleep well and drink only water and juice for those days. It's not good to dehydrate yourself.

  7. Yeah, I know that would seem like common sense. It just seems I'm always busy with work and school that the times I do get to relax I eat bad and drink soda =(

    Thats probably it, I'm going to try to help my body the next few days =)
  8. take a break for a little bit, it could be fatigue, finals, and other stress, or all in your mind, or like someone else said, maybe bud isnt for you. Dont jump to that conclusion though b/c I doubt this will keep hapening to you. Just take a week or two break
  9. Trust me dude, when I gave up drinking soda and eating chips I felt so much better. You'll be taking a nice little t-break too so your highs will be way better for awhile.
  10. not sure if anyone said this, but thats not too unusual. i typically have a huge empty apathetic feeling in me and blame everything for me feeling so empty and shitty. once i take a hit, it goes away
  11. Well OP, I don't know if you looked any of this up on wikipedia. If anybody doesn't trust it, especially regarding issues such as these, you're silly. But anyway, depersonalization IS a side effect of some psychedelics and other drugs such as cannabis. I know first hand what you're feeling though. I've had similar issues. If you keep smoking at this point, most likely you won't get the relief you are looking for. Try determining what this feeling is, then if you can, use it. Try viewing things as an impartial observer. You might learn a bit. But other than that, I bet you anything this will dissipate with time. It always did for me. If it's really bothering you a lot though, see a doctor. (psychologist, psychiatrist)

  12. How much time am I looking at? I was gonna stop till next Monday, but then my friend is having his grad party and we are gonna go hard. So I wanted to then. Which will be a week from now, you think thats good?
  13. Ive experienced the same thing before. Just start out small and only smoke a little 1 session and see how you feel. Make sure your with friends and are in a relaxed situation because that can help. If you have a small session and feel good just work your way up. Good luck
  14. Well it's different depending on what's going on in your head. For me, sometimes I could actually reason my way out of it. Basically, I altered my conscious cognitions and behavior till the brain chemistry followed suit. However, chances are you won't know exactly when you're coming back to your original self. Experiencing something like this tends to leave you with memories that will effect how you view the world. I'm not saying you're going to continue to feel like you are now or when you smoke. Try to take a lot of tabs on exactly how you feel, so you can compare your emotions at later dates. Keep a journal if you need to. But to answer your question more directly, I'd say this will dissipate in a few days. Sometimes it would happen to me for only 5 minutes, then go away. It never lasted more than a few days for me though.

    Sorry for the rediculously long post
  15. just take a break
    next time u smoke watch tv or do something
  16. i'm like that but scaled down a bit, don't think about it as a bad thing, just relax.
  17. you prob a just gettin to high...there is no need to get really stoned every time..a comfortable high is a good high
  18. Well Everyone, its day 2 without weed. I'm not really feeling any better. However, Monday right before I got stoned was almost as bad as when I was stoned, so wait. Never mind, I am feeling a bit better. I might try to smoke like a .2 bowl pack tomorrow. Finals are here and weed helps me focus for my studies. So I might just try a small pack or j when I can tomorrow. I will update you guys (I don't know if you care or not, but I'm going to anyway). Thanks
  19. This is professional advice here.

    If you aren't getting anything from smoking then you need to question why you're doing it, motives. IF you're just smoking to smoke, and it has no value to you, there's not much of a reason to be doing it. Get yourself excited about the joys of being high, focus your best vibes into your smoke sessions. Become one with the ganj.
  20. The one thing i noticed about smoking which i love is that weed gives you the power to control ur brain. If your high and think your gonna panick thats what will happen, your gonna panick. If you go into your high thinking that ur doing it to relieve stress then thats what will happen, your gonna relieve stress. WHen your high try to be in a comfortable situation. The reason you keep trippin out is most likely because your thinking ur gonna trip out. Go into it positively and also it would help if you would take care of your body. Lack of sleep is never good. Trust me im in college and have gone to school without sleepin a minute so i know how u feel. Sleep is very crucial to the mind and how it reacts I would even say the most important thing to the mind.

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