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Highs ans Lows?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Alb1, Nov 28, 2011.

  1. Hey everyone.
    I have a question;

    I was talking to a fellow stoner coworker of mine and we ended up having a short discussion about Weed. Basically, it is his opinion that use of Marijuana leads to symptoms similar to Bipolar disorder. Not trying to seem like a medical expert or anything, he was just saying that in his personal experience the use of Marijuana causes him to feel high highs as well as low lows. But he did also mention something about electrolytes that the brain uses, or something like that. Not just with himself but with every smoker he knows. He said that ironically weed users end up using weed to treat the very symptoms it causes.

    My question is, what is your honest opinion on this? Do any of you know of ANY study that shows anything close to this? Please don't dismiss this question, I am a fellow toker as well and I have become quite good at defending the use of Marijuana. That said, I don't like to turn my head to any possible information about Marijuana. Bad or not.
  2. Uhmm your friend doesn't really know what he's saying.. It hasn't been know to CAUSE anything but munchies, sleepiness, enjoyment and lots of other good things. It may not help certain conditions that you already have (most likely it will though) so for those rare few it won't really help but might wake things worse.. I'm not a doctor but I'm a reader and I know a thing or two about weed.. Your friend needs to do some actual research. The lowest I ever felt when I was smoking weed was when I ran out. But hey whats a 10 minute drive..
  3. it could bring out underlying problems you have if thats what you mean, or if you smoke when your not in a good mood. Ive had bad highs when i wasn't in a good mood.
  4. I could understand where he's coming from, but it doesn't happen just after smoking a few times. If you smoke daily I can understand, but in most instances, people start smoking regularly because they already have at least some mild form these problems (stress, anxiety, depression, etc). I believe in the end marijuana benefits those with such disorders because in reality, they're never really going to go away , but at least cannabis provides a healthy alternative to prescription drugs that are way more addictive.
  5. So what you're friend is saying is people smoke weed to feel good (highs) and when some people don't have weed they don't feel as good (lows)? Seems pretty reasonable, but it's another assumption that boils down to self control and personal substance attachment. Same thing could be said about certain foods.
  6. Yeah I can attest to what you said. Personally Ive had no problems with bud but Ive had a close friend get bi-po on me after smoking him out to many times, like basically what would happen is whenever he would get dry he would go into these massive tantrums with his mom (this particular jackleg had to repeat the 12th grade) and one time he used his bare hand to punch through a macbook pro screen during one of his 3 day dry spells...He'd also lie to get me to hangout so he could get high. Now I wouldnt say weed gives bi-po to everyone as my 'friend' is very obviously on the autism spectrum. The entire time I knew him all he did was eat, sleep, poop, read fantasy books and play halo reach and once the ganja got thrown into that very stressful routine he lost it
  7. Eh, I don't think you're being open minded enough. There simply isn't enough research for us to say Bud is completely safe. I'm a reader as well, but it would be silly to believe that new news in regards to bud can't be out there.

    When you run out of weed, how would you describe your mood?

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