Highs and Lows of the day.

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by SmokinBuddah, Jul 23, 2007.

  1. I thought I would start this thread because me and my friends after the day is done we talk about our highs and lows of the day, so I thought I would share this with you.

    - Had a great time with my girlfriend.
    - Smoked some weed with some friends.
    - Ate Chinese food it was free :hello:
    - Chilled with a great group of kids.

    - My friend put a huge dent in his fathers truck as be was backing out of his drive way, his Nissan was scratched and dented pretty bad.
    - Got pissed off at these kids who talked shit to me, I dented a wall four times.

    Those are my highs and lows of the day, share yours!
  2. Highs: Only 4 days of class left!

    My buddies.I dont knwo waht I would do wihtout them.

    Lows: Im gonna miss taking this astronomy class, it was awesome.

    Kinda sux being single... meh.
  3. Highs:
    -Nice dinner
    -Tickets to see Benny Benassi at the club

    - the comedown...
  4. I'll include what I did yesterday as well.

    Picked up a Little Sista Roor 7 mm yesterday afternoon for 220$
    Broke it in (with some dank AK-47) last night with my girl while we watched a movie
    Don't have to work
    A few friends are coming over later for a session, then we're going to Taco Bell
    Party tonight

    Pretty kickass day considering it's a Monday.

    Can't think of any :)

    kissthesky, what club is Benassi playing at? Where do you live?
  5. He played last night at Heaven Night Club in Ottawa. Such an intense show :hello:
  6. Highs: (over two days)

    Got off a two day hike.
    Smoked a shitload of weed.
    Drank way too much beer.
    Had a lot of sex.


    Coming home and waiting for work tomorrow.
  7. Highs: Finally got ahold of some kush
    Saw an old friend I haven't seen in awhile
    Found out I am going to Six Flags in a few days

    Lows: I ran out of Ramen Noodles
    I had to take a shower
  8. highs- i'm still breathing
    lows- went to 7-11 this morning for a blunt, bought a 5 pack of swishers( got a few pal's coming over at night to celebrate a friends birthday ) and i ended up sitting on the pack and breakin each n every blunt in the pack. i then was late to work cause i was lookin around the fuckin house for an apple so i can get my wake n bake on, never found it, so here i am, at work, sober, and late.
    its all good though cause tonight should be fun.
  9. Highs:
    -Cleaned the basement, so I'm not walking on glass every three steps.
    -Found out that there's a party over here tomorrow (Sporadic, don't you think?)
    -Buying a new bike at the end of the week to get back and forth from school.
    -The cats are well fed.
    -Listened/listening to Terence McKenna lectures.
    -I have a fridge filled with beer for tomorrow.

    -That beer happens to be Natural Ice.

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