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  1. I'm sure you have all seen FMyLife.com by now, well the other day I discovered a website that must just be starting out because they don't have a lot of content yet, but it's basically identical to FMyLife except you post about things that happened to you while you were high, quotes your friends said, foods you invented or concocted, etc.

    Pretty good concept I would say! My friends and I are always saying the funniest shit while we're high, and until now we have always had our non-smoking friend, Alissa, write it all down for us in a notebook, but now we are just going to start posting on this site!

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  2. This fool. I'm pretty sure it's against the rules to spam.
  3. Spam? I am simply sharing a fun website with my fellow stoners..... This is the GENERAL forum afterall, why don't you mind your business?
  4. Just saying, it's one thing if you found an interesting site. But you obviously just made this and are trying to promote your site.

    people come to grasscity to post their high experiences. you and the owner of this site have conflicting interests.

    i mean why do you have the site in your sig?
  5. Conflicting interests? As far as I can tell the owners of both sites like everything about weed, I don't see how that is conflicting at all. People come to Grass City to post about all kinds of things relating to weed. HM is a niche site specifically for posting small blurbs about weed, not the same at all. The site is in my sig because I support websites that I enjoy using, just as I have a Grass City signature on Potsmokerslounge.com, another pot community I frequent.
  6. alright man well didn't mean to bust your balls or anything.

    that is a cool idea though....
  7. It's all good bro, I hate spammers as much as the next guy, but I legitimately am just trying to get the word out about this awesome new site, but if they ask me to remove the post I will gladly do it :D

    </peace 420/3

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