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  1. Got an email solit from these guys that included the quote "see you on grass city soon". I made a post and at least one other blade got the same, but there has been no confirmation of this site. Since they solicited me via email, and referenced this site, I'd like to know are they legit, or a scam, or even some kind of sting op.

  2. that's fucked up.

    how'd the get your e-mail?

    any legit seedbank wouldn't resort to this in my opinion.
  3. Most likely a scam.

    1) What business uses gmail?

    2) GC does not give away/sell your info. How they got your email was not legit
  4. I got the same email, but it says see you on bizarre. I've never been to that website before. There is alot of activity regarding this email over at RIU and it's starting to look like The Attitude was hacked again as they have issued a bulletin...

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