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HIGHHHH at school?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by BMANZZS, May 25, 2009.

  1. how do you prevent fellow students/teacher from knowing you are high at school?

    i usuallly use the big 3:
    1. eye drops is a MUST for me... usually after my 4th bowl my eyes are as red as the devil's dick
    2. mints/gum.
    3. hand sanitzer for your hands.
  2. that's basically it. just don't act your totally ripped. if you're having four bowls before school that's some hardd shit.
  3. I used to prevent students and teachers from knowing I am high at school...

    ...By not going to school high.

    Plus I'm not in high school so I don't have to worry about it.
  4. Im in college, So I really don't give a damn what they think.

    I go to class high as all hell
  5. Nice pineapple express reference.
  6. 4 bowls?
    School is for... well.. to learn bro
    Maybe take a few tokes to relax but I know you can't learn well going COMPLETELY BLOWN
  7. calps right man.go get baked after school.not during.its a one-way trip to no education
  8. hey its called high school for a reason, i smoked a shitload of weed before, during lunch, and after school most days. graduated easily from supposedly "one of the hardest high schools in the state to graduate from." but school was always easy for me it may not be the same for you though
  9. Blazzin' at school is the best man. It actually makes school interesting. This year I had a vocational class and I loved to smoke before that. Yeah, all ya need is some spray and eye drops. Mabye gum if your teacher swings next to your desk all the time.
  10. Blazzing before vocational classes I recommend, but not your core classes.

  11. you forgot common sense ;)
  12. the easiest solution is not to get high at schools. every single one of my friends who have gotten caught toking by the law (theres about a dozen of them) were caught during school
  13. i used to do it but i found out it was a waste of weed for me. the classes are already boring as fuck...sitting there high, staring at the wall doesnt make it much better.
  14. yea i agree with this.. i dont have a problem going to school high at all, makes it more interesting and relaxing, but i would never smoke at school
  15. man at my old high school was like bud smoker central. anyone who knew anyone smoked bud. we would blaze before school, nutrition, lunch, pe, well any chance we got.. we didnt really take any precautions.. the teachers were chill as fuck.. as long as you dont disrupt the class.. but your school was probably different..
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    Oh man sophmore year through senior year of high school me and a buddy of mine used to get ripped out of our skulls before school. We had a loop I used to drive while smokin a joint. Being at school high is the only way to go. Helped me Ace chemistry and Psychology. Took a study hall just so I could get my nap in after I was coming out of my high. Perfect timing right before lunch. Hell, my Psych teacher knwe I used to get ripped all the time. I'd come in eyes red as fuck and all she'd say was, "Must have been some killer shit, now sit down and don't fuck around in class." Graduated with a 3.8 GPA in all Honors classes. Those were the days...
  17. Before my psych classes. Oh boy.
  18. i always go to school high without any of this lol one of my teachers is a stoner or ex stoner and she is the art teacher and i went to art stoned outta my mind and everybody knew so she started doin crazy shit to make me crack up and she kept askin me what i did before school and stuff shes cool tho :smoking:
  19. when I was in high school I'd smoke a blunt or two with a few friends on break. All I ever used is body spray, and a sink w/soap to wash my hands/fingertips, Lot's of people did it, this was about 2 years back
  20. Just don't do it at school... wait till you get home go outside and then do it..:smoking:

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