Highhh from GA

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Xenj, Jun 13, 2003.

  1. Whats up all... decided to write this because well, I have nothing better to do. I'm pretty new to this stuff I guess.... never packed a bowl.... nothin. If anyone has some newbie "guides to weed" or something crazy like that, it would be appreciated. I'm not new to smokin.... my friend have just always done the dirty work... and I'm buyin an 8th friday.
  2. Welcome to the city.. There is pleanty of information around the city!
  3. Welcome to the city :D
  4. Welcome.

    How was that 1/8 you scored, what kind is it?/

  6. hey dude, where do u live in Georgia? im in the heart of atl myself, hope u enjoyed your weed, peace out.
  7. ya where do u live in Ga b/c i live in savannah and i am always lookin for some new tokin buddies
  8. Savannah is quite a drive for me.... I live up north of ATL, in Marietta.

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