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Discussion in 'Cannabis Seeds Banks' started by crasha51pan, Jun 5, 2008.

  1. Has anyone used them before ? How was the experiance ? They say they guarantee delivery, sounds good to me....
  2. Well, if you scroll down there's plenty of threads on highgrade seeds.
    Yes, they're legit, heard good things from them.
  3. HighGrade seeds are legit. They take about a month to arrive. :smoking:
  4. A lot of ppl here have used them and have gotten their seeds

    if you want, you can also check out another great seed bank

    Dr. Chronic
  5. First off, Highgrade seeds has great customer service. Their shipments are discreet and I got mine in about 1.5 weeks. Just super people, especially if you feel a bit paranoid about receiving illegal beans.:cool:
  6. is there any other way to pay other than cash?
  7. Cash is the safest method of payment. No paper trail like a CC or even a money order. I have always sent Highgrade cash (and lots of it too in the last 3 years). I have never had an problem. Just follow their instructions when sending cash and you'll be fine.
  8. I recommend an international :cool: money order. Customs agents can take the cash for themselves and you will have no proof.
  9. They have a very and let me emphasize VERY limited selection. Go with the doc or seedboutique.
  10. I think that there selection is rather great. They have a ton of super strains and some really great selections for other strains. I personally love HGS because they are the only place that I have actually received my order from. I just got finished growing out my first plant which is HGS Black Pearl super strain, I highly recommend this strain or any other strain. Black Pearl was extremly easy to grow, that plant can handle some stress and no herieing. I am actually going to order 3 other strrains from him once I figure out which ones from his vast selection. I LOVE HIGHGRADE SEEDS. Great choice for any grower. You should look at their Hindu Kush strain, looks amazazing. Checkout my grow journal in the General indoor growing area. I was high when I started otherwise I would of put it in the grow journal place. Cant figure out how to transfer it either.:smoke::smoke:
  11. Limited selection...

    Okay, he might not carry 1,000 strains like some others... but let's be real for half a second... you couldn't grow out all those strains in 3 lifetimes. And you and I both know that probably 75-80% of those strains are average at best. Not to mention if you have a problem, those other seedbanks will basically tell you to go fuck yourself.

    Highgrade Seeds would rather carry a couple dozen AMAZING strains than try to be everything to everybody.. and I like that. They only sell killer strains, at amazing prices and the customer service is unbeatable. They are the only seedbank I know of that guarantees delivery or offers overnight shipping. Prove me wrong if you know of any others.

    I found out about HGS here @ gc's forums as well. I would highly recommend them to anyone. It's the only place I'll shop.
  12. Are you serious?
    I would take a Dj Shorts Flo or Grape Krush over anything on that website.
    I'm not trying to grow 75-80% of those strains, just the best of the best.
    DrChronic and Seedboutique are the best.
    Seed boutique has been around since my OG days and I can vouch that they have a great service.
    If a seedbank doesnt answer my email I CALL THEM at their shop #.
    It's all good if you like growing those strains, but if you want a better selection and the newest genetics available go with seedboutique.
  13. I'm not saying they don't have their killer strains, and I'm not bashing anyone else. Just sayin what I know from experience. Terms like "The best of the best" are subjective - at best. Every year something else is the "best of the best" and none of the 'cup winners' I've smoked can fuck with the HGS bud I've personally grown/smoked. Highgrade is a breeder, not some retail seed-stocker. That's part of what make his strains special. Let's not compare apples to tire irons.

    Most of the big "name brand" strains I've sampled from the "name brand guys" were pretty disappointing... although in fairness, some were great. A lot of the shit I've had that blew my socks off was the $45 strain on the menu nobody's ever heard of (Mikado from Federation comes to mind)... and of course, Highgrade's Hindu Kush.

    Just because the seeds cost $300 doesn't mean the weed is better.

    ...and yes, I'm serious.
  14. That's YOUR loss. :wave:
  15. I have ordered from seedboutique and I never got my order. They sent me the email stating that they received my payment but never got the seeds. When I tried to ge them to maybe send me a replacement they were realy big dicks about it. I will never order from them again. I heard that Dr. Chronics isnt shipping to the USA anymore, is this true? I love highgrade seeds, they have the strains that I want plus his super strains are awsome (Black Pearl). nyone that has grown highgrades seeds before loves the strains, I have never heard an unkind word about him or his strains. Highgrade has my business forever. I am going to buy their Black Queen and their Hindu Kush for sure, not sure on the other strain I am going to choose, tere are just so many that I am intrested in, ya know:D.
  16. HGS is the company I will do all my buisness with ,or most of it anyway,I do plan on buying one of everything HGS sells.I currently am starting a black queen and blueberry grow .I will post a grow log soon .Anyway I agree,HGS is a good LEGIT seedbank with great customer service and products to boot.
  17. Hey bro I am about to order some Hindu Kush and some some Black Queen. I sent him a message about 2 days ago and he still hasnt sent me back. Normally he responds within 24 hours but still nothing, do you know if anything is wrong? I was wanting to order my seeds from there yesterday but still no word.

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