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  1. Anyone have any experience with purchasing from there? I've heard some iffy things about them but I like their seed selection that I haven't been able to find on other sites.
  2. People usually won't post a reply of "no" to a request for recco's, so that would seem to be your answer, little to no experience here with this company.

    If you've heard iffy things I recommend you seriously take that into consideration, would you rather take a risk at getting the exact seed you want or order from the literally hundreds available at seedbanks with strong reputations?

  3. Well the seeds I've seen on this site like:

    HIGHGRADE DISCUSSION FORUMS - Super Bud (Harvest & Grow Pics)
    HIGHGRADE DISCUSSION FORUMS - Shine up your WheelChairs for BrainWreck
    HIGHGRADE DISCUSSION FORUMS - smoke report on HG 's white widow!!

    ...I haven't been able to find anywhere else, which is why I asked.
  4. I understand they may advertise some seeds no one else has. My point is that ordering exclusive, unique seeds that never show up is not a very good option. Not saying that will happen but must be considered.

    Personally I would forego the unique seeds for something from one of the seedbanks that gets lots of good reccos, they have enough selection to satisfy anybody.
  5. They guarantee that you will get the seeds, and if you don't they will send you new ones for free. Even if the seeds don't germ they will replace them. If you look on their forums they have good reviews from people, the yields look amazing on all the grofiles i've seen on their forums. I'm definately going to try a few strains from them out.
  6. I've ordered from just recently. Got some Black Pearl and a few freebees too.
    They may not email you when they receive your payment. I emailed them to confirm it got there and it did. As a matter of fact they sent out my shipment by the time they had replied to my email. Shipment got here in maybe 5 days eastern US. Maybe took 2 to 3 weeks all total from the time I sent payment.
    I just germed 5 BP seeds... all five popped and were in dirt in 3 days from initial soak. I'm have big expectations about these. I'll let you know how they come out.
    I'd highly recommend them.
  7. I ordered Avalanche from them about 3 weeks ago and finally got seeds yesterday. I was pretty nervious that the shit got taken but they finally showed. I orderd 10 and they sent me 13 so 3 free seeds NOT to bad :) well worth the wait I'll let u guys know how grow goes
  8. :eek:I think three free is the standard for them.
  9. I got my seeds in 3 weeks from them. Don't get burnt by ordering more seeds to get the express delivery. It doesn't happen and at least 2 people have gotten the same excuse that his girlfriend forgot to send them express mail.

    My ClusterBomb germinated, was put in a rooter plug and popped up from that and was placed into the growing medium within about 2 days. I was amazed. Now a week later it only has 2 sets of leaves. The first ones with a smooth edge and the second ones with just a single finger. I will know more about it in another week or so.

    The Purple Cindy took 8 days to germinate and I am still waiting on it to pop out of the rooter plug. This seems kinda slow.

    You will get your seeds from them and they will guarantee delivery. From all I have seen it looks as if that is all true. Plan on it taking 3 weeks to get them in the USA. Some people say 2 weeks. You will have to send them cash.

    I wish I could sing you praises about them but overall they appear pretty average.
  10. I never had any issues with Highgrade Seeds. They always have come thru for me and their strains are DA BOMB imo. Big yielders and great smoke and they guarantee delivery or they will resend your order! :smoking:
  11. And the Sneakers Vs Caligrower war rages on:hello:
  12. my personal seed bank... who fuckin has that??? so many seeds so little time

    Molokai frost
    Grape ape x JTR
    Heri x White Rhino
    Hog x Sour Turbo
    Jack Herer x Super Skunk
    Toxic Blue
    Early Skunk x Hash plant
    Black Domina
    Hollands Hope
    White Rhino x Molokai Frost
    Kush x Northern lights
    Heavenly Blue
    Purple Butters x Heri
    Purple Tops
    Early Girl
    Molokai Frost x Heri
    Danish Passion
    Early Durban Poison
    Jilly Bean
    (Uzbeki x Molokai Frost)x Heri
    Black Tas x Dutch Passion
    Willie Nelson x Heri
    G13 x G13 x BSH
    Jack Herer
    Bubba Kush x Deep Chunk
    ISS x BC Kush
    Sweet Tooth x Strawberry Blonde
    Afghani x Grapefruit
    Hog x Sour Diesel
    AK47 x Sour Turbo
    chemo x WW
    chemo x cluster bomb
    chemo x (island sweet skunk x bc kush)
    4way(purps) x flodica
    white widow x heri
    b3/n& x eurd purp t
    apollo 11 x heri
    (lifesaver x (ak47 x dsd v2)) x heri

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