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Highgrade has African Landrace Sativas

Discussion in 'Cannabis Seeds Banks' started by masonwinston, Feb 16, 2011.

  1. So yeah, title says it all. Stopped by the Highgrade website the other day and noticed a new "Landrace Strains" section, claiming they're 100% pure landrace sativa from Africa. Not sure that I fully believe that, but I did notice they have a Malawi Gold and Mulanje Gold, which also sounds interesting.

    Now, to be honest, I've caught pokernaut's sativa fever. I think I'm much younger than him, but I remember the shitty pot we got in high school was a helluva lot more fun to get HIGH and giggly on than the STONE we get from the designer reefer of today.

    Thoughts on these new strains?

    Also, is this the same Highgrade who was on Overgrow?

    EDIT - scroll to the bottom of Highgrade's page to see the Landrace section.
  2. Ace, cannabiogen, femaleseeds, Mr. Nice, Sensi, mandala all carry excellent cut above sativas. Hear HGS has a great hashplant and Northernlights though.

    Personally I got turned off with that company after some confrontation with overzealous promoters.

    Good luck in your endevours, dont go to breeders for info bro. You'll buy a lot of a snakeoil before you get to the good shit.
  3. African sativas are unadulterated - they haven't been polluted by the Dutch. Give them a try and let us know how they do for you.
  4. there's a dutch bank that has durban that's probably schwag and nirvana's sativa seeds line has it with 25% NL5, so it has been diluted by some breeders.

    afropips WAS (+REP in peace!) the only TRUSTED source for pure african sativas i knew of and a lot of breeders that do sativas are sketchy like reeferman & seedsman or my own personal experience with instant dead mutant vancouver island seed company. i'm leery of sativas until i hear good word of mouth like i recently did ace seeds.

    you want to see an impressive line of sativa (on paper), try world of seeds. i've heard one peep that their regular line at least is OK, so i'll try their gear some day, most likely for their columjbian gold as that's the very shit i started out on and that made mne want to beat the shit out of the dealer that sold mer my first 2 grams of indicrap for $5 or $10.

    the cloisest thing to that i've had in my room so far was high quality seeds haze skunk which STILL has Sk1's afghanicrap stone showing (but not at imparement levelsa anymore) but also has a nice potent sativa high that lasts a wicked long time and build in your system after a week of wake & bakes giving you a vague nauseus feeling when you aren't too preoccupied to tune it out. the final bottom buds i moiwed down to & let mature a little were so potent that they made me nbearly pass out laughing at a funny website the other day and the 1st timei smoked it, got a rubber keyboard touch effect on my PC. that shit would yield like a motherfucker compared to my C99s (just dropped my 1st homemade beans to see if they're cured yet). it has a 1 bud per node growth structure (the best for harvesting!) and a shitload of bud sites every couple inches. mine was a little branchy from early pinching and if i flattened that bitch out instead of blazing her, would have gotten at least as much bud as 2 cindys i think.

    i really love stretchier hazey grapes super cali haze too. it's so much like real haze that i couldn't tell the difference & hazey grapes is my new favorite odor. if there's any difference in THC profiles, the super cali might not be as potent, but it is NOT shabby! i can't wait toi test my little haze pheno joey weed C99s crossed to this shit! it should get smaller & denser while keeping the sticky grapes traits although it might lose sopme trippiness to cindy's clear heded buzz, but it will be more indoor friendly and ass kicking no matter what as both strains are great in different ways.

    my favorite buzz though migh be the least potent, though it's not shabby either and i only tested early buds. 8 miles high kicks soooooooooooooooo much ass! it has a nice mildly trippy buzz that isn't overwhelming. it simply makes everything fun with NO nasty traits at all. it's energy level is totally neutral like racy & couchlock never existed to begin with leaving you with a shit eating grin looking for fun. unlike clearheaded C99 & old school kali mist, it loves tunes and wants to dance and has a great "super precise body control" effect that's special besides the 100% neutral buzz. just as much as it loves to dance, you could also just chill to a moivie on it as well. it is the absolute most refined buzz i ever had. it's sort of like haze, but it gets into music much more. i like haze, but it doesn't seem as sensory as especially visual columbian gold, but it's fun too.

    i love all 3 strains and want to compare them side by side as well as try HQS' possibly even trippier THAI skunk and will look into apollo 11, urban poison and a couple other promising candidates in the future, but as a total sativa snob, i could live with any of theses strains and be happy. i'd blaze the haze skunk (nirvana's discontinued H19 skunk is probably less stony & trippier as it's clearly a more sativa pheno, but HQS' skunkier one is fine by me. it's too much fun to even pay attention to it's mild nagging couchlock) at movies where i want that old school "everything onscreen seems more real" effect i got off gold that could lead all the way up to shit looking like something else:
    - rain in headlights = glowing spears of light
    - wheat grass waving in the breeze = weird headed aliens marching
    - newscaster looks 3D
    and so on. i like potent sativas

    8 miles high would be my desert island strain though because it's nothing but fun and can handle ANY situation between wake & bakes to nightcaps. it's just one super refined & classy buzz. i'd use that to convert stoners who've never gotten high or that are too naturally skittish to try them. some people should just not touch potent trippy sativas EVER! i prefer a trippier & especially more visual strain, but this one was hinting that if i either just had more bud to blaze or let it mature more would have been pretty fucking awesome! it was hinting at gold effects like that light giddy feeling in your stomach that tells you your ass is gonne be high as a motherfucker in about 10 minutes. LOL

    i waited 25 fucking years for that buzz. 8 miles high is like an old lover that knows what you like, how to touch you and has learned a few new tricks giving you the best slow comfortable screw of your life. i dare ANY sativa snob to turn their nose up at this shit or any afghanicrap smoker either for that matter. anyone that would hate a purely playful & blissful high like that needs their head examined. until i try laughing buddha maybe, it's the best euphoric buzz i've ever had

    C99 is a great strain too though. it's just very specific. smoke C99 (or old school kali mist) and you better not plan on sitting or sleeping! it will forklift your ass out of that chair and make you do shit like a drill sargeant... a sexy ass long legged hoittie drill sargeant taunting you to be the best you can be. LOL if the olde ball & chain is nagging you to clean the garage, smoke some cindy and have a nice pleasant day. it just makes chores doable, even fun. i would never go on a date without it if i had it. all that giddy happy energy has to somewhere and if cindy can't make panties fly like black friday at walmart, then nothing can! KM is a favorite with the ladies, especially for menstrual cramps, but i think KM just smacks the bitch out of chicks and makes them too happy to be on the rag.

    C99 is also a really compact & fast strain like an indica, but low odor too with joey's gals leaning towards hazey grapiness while drgreenthumb's gals are bred for her prized "potent pineapple" pheno. i can't wait to test that & hit it up with joey pollen & back cross it for potent pineapple.

    if you're a sativa lover, these 4 strains will satisfy you. haze skunk & C99 are all you need, but super cali is great too and 8 miles is super refined & comfy. this is the kind of shit that i would put up with an uppity dealer for where i tell every afghanicrap clone to go fuck themselves the second they give me a peep of grief because their overpriced shit ain't doin' me any favors. this is the kind of shit i'd beg to spend top dollar for if i couldn't DIY.

    C99 x A11 is probably better as her apollo 11 son is mellower & trippier and super silver haze's biggest rival for "best indoor thai" back around '05. i definitely want to try some A11. i bet C99 x blueberry ain't shabby either as BB would add even more grapey fruitiness and possibly trippiness to the buzz whilst taming cindy's 10 cups of coffee energy a bit with cindy cutting BB's size & flowering time & making it less stoney. i have 2 of those left i'm excited to try
  5. Not sure if this is the correct place for this post, Im new here, and never grew before. I just bought a house, and im going to grow about 3 plants in one of my rooms. Problem im having is finding a place to buy seeds.. Im a little weary about shipping 50 bucks cash to canada.. I've read that people have had success and I've read that they wont buy there again. Any help at all would really be appreciated. I just ordered seeds, but before i send the $$ I'd like to know what im getting myself into. Thank you very much.

  6. All your posts are a wall of text pokernaut!

    At least you make quality posts though.
  7. Been sending cash payments to Highgrade Seeds for the past 4+ years. They received all my payments and I received all my orders. Just follow the instructions they email you and you'll be fine.
  8. Check the legit and current seedbank sticky at the top of the page.
  9. FWIW...The two on the left are his HP and the three on the right are his HK a few days before I put them to flower. I have no complaints, 4/5 females in that group.

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  10. I notice HGS says for indoors to veg for only 10 days on the Pure Landrace Strains. Is this right?

    Would that be 10 days from when the seed pops out of the growing medium?

    I am thinking about trying them. I've been smoking a couple other HGS strains since the end of 2007.

    Also wish I had more information on the 3 day delivery anywhere in North America.
  11. Shrug its the same thing over and over and over, regardless of topic or thread. Didnt add anything to Highgrade seeds African Landraces.
  12. Hgs is a good deal I love thir stuff it dose take a while for the money order to get their but they always come

  13. I ASSUME, that the reason behind that is because these strains are going to grow through the roof.
    If you give them a full veg period you will have a hard time keeping them contained. And yes, 10 days from the time they break surface.
  14. Cool - lots of good thoughts here. Thanks, Blades. :)

    I'm still curious if the guy at Highgrade Seeds is the same guy as the Highgrade who was over at Overgrow - anybody know for sure one way or the other?
  15. Good to hear its legit im gonna breed a couple of their strains together for fun ha
  16. Wow, I'm glad I found this thread. I just ordered grom High Grade. They said 10 days and it took 10 days, even though I live about 200 miles from them. I planted their Northern Lights, Mulanje Gold, Malawi Gold and Kona Gold. All came up within 3 or 4 days but the Kona is a little sluggish, stressed leaves. Hopefully it survives. I can't believe they say 10 days from germination. Whoa! I'm excited as ever to get them flowering. Good stuff!
  17. I know this is old but quite interested what people have to say a few years down the line?

    I myself living in south Africa started out on a few different strains until , cheap variety of course, had my first settle on whats known here as "swazi" dark dark looking stuff. The next level for me was "Skunk", with shades of better greens and a good allround buzz. From there its been the indoor stuff but pricey. Good stone all in all for the indoor stuff and some great flavour profiles but I have to admit some of the weaker stuff have different stones. The stuff higher in indica is heavier and more of a stone feel which leaves you melting yet somewhat racey however. The cheaper, off the land stuff seems to make, not just myself, but my fellow smokers would say of course sound was more vivid and vision impaired to an extent. Nothing like shrooms but definitely different and its nice to get some of the cheaper stuff sometimes.

    Keen to hear from others out there with african landrace strain stories
    Toke.n of appreciation
  18. Since this thread was necro'd I thought I'd just throw it out there.
    Some people might consider ordering from High Grade Seeds.  I was initially interested in this company when I first started purchasing beans.  After some research I learned that they have stopped selling seeds, but are still accepting your money.
    DO NOT USE HIGH GRADE SEEDS!  google around, you will see.
  19. I just received my order from Highgrade Seeds and everything was just great. It took only 8 days from order confirmation. This was my second order in three years. They were on vacation when I started the order process so confirmation took a week. So far, they are at 100% with me on filling my orders.

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  20. #20 gone4good, Oct 20, 2014
    Last edited: Oct 20, 2014
    They sent my order pretty quick too...too bad the genetics weren't anything special. Seriously nothing matched their descriptions.

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