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  1. Here is the oz, I just got, dont look that dank cause of the leaves, but they protect the crystals.

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  2. A closer look

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  3. hhheeeeeyyy, lookin good;)

  4. me smokin in my scibbies, or the bud ;)

    its the scibbies isnt it....

  5. lmao, i don't have a clue what scibbies is lol
  6. underwear- undies, scibbies
  7. actually carhartt and polo are the only underwear accounts I have right now. :p
  8. oooookay, gitch!

    scibbies lol. have never heard that before lol.underwear model lol no. i had a really bad joke but decided to delete it lol.

    hint: wedgies

  9. seriously? good for you. right on!!
  10. Pro. scibbie models like me, always tape our asses shut when we work. the risk of wedgies or unsilicited gay attacks is just to high.

  11. LMFAO!! that would do it lol!! u can never be to careful!!!!
  12. jeeze who wears underware?

    i thought that went out with the 80's?
  13. Is this thread for real? Hah, shits cracking me up.

  14. looks terrific too me. keep smokin
  15. In highschool we caught my gym teacher free-ballin'. He was sitting on the stage in the gym, which just so happened to put his balls at eye level. and of course he was wearing those little gym shorts.... ughh

    we kept telling the girls in our class that he wanted to talk to them. They would walk up and make the funniest faces once they saw the monkey brains.
  16. MMM that bud is tasty! nice and stoney.
  17. okay what the hell is free-balling lol. omg, never mind i don't want to know...lmfao!
  18. Free balling is going commando, or without underwear.

    In my line of work we really look down on frequent free-ballers.
    they are really bad for business.
  19. aaahhh goin commando lol! free ballin, scibbies lol, learn somethin new everyday:)
  20. Ohhh, I get it. Yeah Highgirly, you can come work for me. no sense beating around the bush.

    do you have any ass-taping experience?
    home movies dont count.

    aww hell it dont matter, I can always teach you.

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