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  1. share your story about the highest youve ever been mine was last year on 420. it was me and four of my friends(we had been waiting on this day for quite some time). we picked up an O of some really fire blue dream and smoked the whole thing in one day in one of their atticks and man i was soooooooo baked everything felt like a dream it was awsomeSent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  2. I smoked some spice called Game Over with a couple of dudes and we all got stuck we were all drooling and couldn't talk and I thought the tv on my wall was a painting.
  3. The highest I've ever been was when I ate edibles for the first time. I bought 3 brownies from a friend, and ate 2. After 30 minutes I didn't feel anything so I ate another brownie. After around 10 minutes I started to feel it really quick. I was so high and I felt like shit for couple hours. Never underestimate edibles!Sent from my Nexus 4 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  4. 4/20/2011. I was so baked I couldn't get off the couch. I had no muscle. It was amazing. 4 joints, 4 blunts, 2 bongs and 3 pipes were being passed around at all times. The group of 5 (including me) bought an oz and smoked it all in 24 hours.

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  5. The highest I ever was...I wasn't on weed. So I won't go into it. 
  6. Passed out while leaning against the hood of my friends car. It was very interesting.
  7. I don't know about highest ever, but most fucked up I've been at school I do know. I skipped first block, and about 20 minutes before I left I slugged some Bacardi. I was legitimately drunk. Then I went out back and got really stoned after a tolerance break. I went to school so damn cross faded, with no eye drops or anything. I was just fuckin zoning out so much. It was excellent.
  8. I'd be breaking the rules if I told you the highest I've ever been.. :hide:Sent from my SPH-L710 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  9. Well Google took it down...but you could see where I wrote my name in piss.....on the moon!
  10. 4/21/12. Actually funny that I got more fucked up the day after 420. Went to a friends house there was about 7-8 of us. We all put in 50 and had about a OZ and a Half. 3 out of the 8 were newbs at smoking and smoked about a gram each then called a quits. When it came for everyone to split up the rest and leave the 3 newbs didn't want to take any so I took there share had about a quarter. Smoked the whole thing the next day with my girlfriend. I was melted into the couch. I couldn't even lift my arm to grab the bag of Doritos. Stayed that way for 2-3 hours then pretty baked for another hour. Earth OG is a really long lasting high and potent afPeace and Pot
  11. Had to :)
  12. I'm so high right now I can barely type. I made brownies and made a thread on the edible section asking how many I should take...... Well no one answered me so I are 2. 30 minutes later felt nothin and took another 2. They just kicked in like 5 minutes ago.
  13. First time I smoked...I'll never forget the horror to waking up to an empty bag of Cheetos, and not a small "Grab" bag or some shit, big fuckin' bag of those orange, dirty satan army bastards empty in front of me and my hands looking like I went to town on them with an orange markers.
    Luckily this horror wouldn't deter me from further enjoyment of my sweet, sweet Mary Jane. :cool:
  14. This. And the other highest I've ever been was reading one of the millions of threads exactly like this.
  15. First time I had (too many) edibles, man that was trippier than some psychedelics I've had Sent
  16. Those high sativa girl scout cookies..

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  17. Ive been pretty high but not as high as my newbie friend we got to smoke for his first and second time.
    I have this friend and he is all into fitness and working out and never smokes weed, he would drink and party but never weed. Well one day we are at my buddies house sitting on the back of his truck when we roll up a fat blunt. So theres about 5 of us passing in a circle and it comes around to my friend and he takes a couple hits and is chilling out. When it gets back to him he hits it and is sitting there for a few minutes while we are all going on talking having a good time and out of nowhere we hear "TANNER I KNOW YOU ARE BACK THERE!!!!". We look over at my friend (Actually all 5 of us grew up together so everybody knew everybody) like WTF DUDE why are you yelling!? He proceeds to tell us how he was convinced that his step brother was in my other friends back yard. After that he kept telling us he didnt feel high which we knew he wasnt even on earth anymore he was so stoned.
    About two weeks ago we decided to smoke him out again because why not (my friends name is Paxton). So he came over and we are chilling at the same friends house in his yard shed where he keeps all his tools and shit. Its cold AF outside so Paxton goes and gets a heater and a blanket. Well we light up and its Paxtons second time smoking. We are all chilling out while Paxton is sitting on a heater with a blanket wrapped around him. We finish the blunt and are hanging out for a second when my other friend stands up and looks at paxton and asks if he has a cig he can bum. Paxton stands up the fastest ive ever seen somebody get up and stares at my friend with this deranged look on his face. Paxton falls backwards and slams his head on the table and starts having a seizure or something, We are all freaking out like wtf do we do and he just stands up again and says "WHATS UP GUYS" like nothing happened at all. We think he had a heat stroke from being to warm with the heater and blanket. Ill never forget that shit scariest moment of my life.
  18. When I took my first dab. Before that I took like 6 kief gbs and there were a few Js and blunts being passed along with a pretty sweet bong but after the dab I sat on my friends bed and couldn't move or talk haha it was great Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
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    Smoked with a guy that worked at dispensary and I wasn't used to BC BUD as I just got back from 4 years smoking mostly hash in china
    I left the place we were at to go home and could barely get across the street I just having to remind myself to just get across the street if anything! It was a chore anyways then I went on the skytrain then waiting for a bus and laughing and crying again and again. I got home went upstairs and there was a ghost coming up the stairs very slowly it would go back down and each time come up the stairs higher and high I was TRIPPING. I don't know how but I went down those stairs and started crying to my uncle about it he went to the stairs heard nothing and I said exactly it's not gonna come when u are here. Then he told me about his diseased father and cat that do shit (especially the ghost cat used to jump on the bed) anyways that was the end of the ghost action and the downstairs neighbor went outside to see if there was a free hitting against the window or house coz it was windy but I know footsteps it was a car or a ghost cat. That's one of my worst trips

    Another one at a party I had some alcohol then some weed and puked in my friends sink.. Thought I was dying (was in a black place in my head --couldn't see or hear anything-- just seeing my grandma crying in my head about how I died ... Got in a cab puked a couples times out the door ...

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  20. id say he stood up too fast
    Had a head rush passed out hot his head and woke up

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