Highest you have been?

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  1. The highest I've gotten had me hearing noises in the night lol kinda creepy but didn't bother me too much. Anyway whats the highest you've ever gotten?
  2. I'd love to try s sensory deprivation tank, but wouldn't floating into the sides get annoying and distract your focus?
  3. It is an experience when you smoke a pure sativa. The key is getting used to floating without moving. It takes a few minutes to get situated however it truly is an altered mind experience.
  4. What was it like while being high? I've done the sensory dep, but I did it while sober. 1 hour wasn't enough. I estimated that need at least 3-5 hours for full experience.
  5. One of the first times I smoked, I spent the night constantly falling asleep and waking up, always in a new place. Got a little too much too early, I suppose 😊

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  6. Malawi is as close to a landrace sativa I have found. When I smoke it and go walking on the golf course, I actually have hallucinations in my peripheral vision meaning I don't see crazy shit in front of me but do off on the edges. Audio hallucination is also common so I thought it may be a valid experiment. Lol.

    Once situated and all is calm, my mind begins to race and it is almost like you can see the neurons in your brain sparking. Red was the predominant colors and they would spark ( actually seeing this in my mind ) in unison with my breathing and pulse rate. It then turned into a feeling of flying and i felt like I was going 700 miles an hour head first. It took all I could muster not to lose it. I did not experience any vertigo though...it was just high speed floating with the colors now flying past my eyes like I was really flying. I could also tell that my heart rate was increasing and my breathing felt irregular.

    After the initial rush...about 30 minutes...my brain began to shut down and I fell into a state somewhere between sleep and awake. I wasn't tired but I wasn't awake. This went on for another hour maybe? Lucid dreaming of real life situations started and I could see myself playing with my dogs and having fun in the yard. The dreams came on very fast and images were quick snapshots. At this point, I was in a weird state but pleasant.

    When I got out of the chamber, I was overcome with the outside light and sounds....had to decompress for a minute before I took a shower and got dressed! I think that smoking a strong sativa is optimal however I wouldn't recommend it for everyone! If paranoia sets in, you could freak out in there!
    What was your experience sober? I think I would like to try it out on a heavy Indica as well. I can't explain how much of a visual experience you can get in total darkness...
  7. Very interesting experience. thanks for sharing! 

    You said you fell into a state of mind* between sleep and awake. Did you feel as if it you were torn apart in two directions? Two different polarities? That reminded me of when I smoked waxed. I was completely immobile, thoughts were racing, pain was setting in, the only thing I could focus on was my breath and my internal senses. Soon to follow I too was in a state of mind between sleep and awake. It was very blissful and I enjoyed it quite a bit. All external noises did not seem to matter. Time was was not there and it did not matter. You could say that I was experiencing deep meditation.
    My experiences sober in the tank were nothing in comparison to yours. I laid there in total darkness waiting for something to happen...when that is wrong to do. The hour passed by very fast. My shoulders could not relax in the tank. It was rather difficult to get comfortable. I had no fear going into the darkness because I have been there before. I just don't think 1 hour is enough for a sober person to let the mind relax.  The 1 hour to me would be a  preparatory stage in the tank. 
  8. So I did feel like my body was lagging behind my head when I was moving very fast head first as I had stated. My neck felt like it was a mile long stretching out. The experience of seeing your internal senses in color was the freakiest thing. As I had stated, the sativa was very crazy as the visual part was astronomical. I think if you tried this with an indica, you would have a better trip and wouldn't have that polarity feeling. Now after the initial feeling of moving fast and seeing my brain sparking, I did fall into that lucid dream state fully awake but I really believe smoking something like Black Domina would make this so much better and relaxing. Sativa such as Malawi is intense enough without the chamber. With it, it is one step away from psychosis. I could see inexperienced smokers panicking and ripping the tank apart! Lol

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