Highest Yielding Strain you have ever grown?! +Rep?

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  1. I want to ask you :

    What is the highest yielding strain you have ever grown ?

    we'll get into more details when i see someone post.
    (as in asking what method/what lights/ect)
  2. Different size lights are going to produce different yields. As well as growing medium, c02, nutrients, humidity, etc.

    Everything has to be taken into account when going for large yields, especially the strain. Critical mass is one of the highest yielding strains Ive seen, and its pretty easy to grow.

    Obviously growing critical mass under a 400w, isnt going to yield the same resultsas growing under a 1000w.

    You probably know this stuff already, but I figured i'd throw it out there since no one else was sober enough to respond. :p
  3. Orange bud,got a ten pack of fems,and one plant wasn't like the rest it had the biggest cola's i've ever seen i got 8 ounces off a plant that was prob 30" tall outdoors.I wish I had a clone of it
  4. Where did u get ur seeds from brown? A friend was actually telling me about that strain the other night, I wouldn't mind putting them in my DWC to see how they turn out...
  5. They where dutch passion
  6. Big Bud! Don't let the name fool ya :smoke:

  7. nice, im gonna have to check those out.

    I've heard nothing but good things, but have never had any personal experiences with the strain.
  8. Critical mass IS Big Bud, just a rebranding from Mr Nice. Genetics are from some heavy Afghani and Skunk #1. It's been known to be the highest yielding strain. As others have mentioned, conditions are key though in growing anything. Never tried Big Bud before but I hear there is nothing awesome about it per se, except from the awesomely huge yields of course.
  9. i hate when you ask a simple question and everybody has to go to the "well it all depends on the light and this and that" we know this man... simple question..whats the biggest yielding strain youve ever grown...
  10. If you went through enough skunks you could find a high yielder,anything that claims high yields has skunk in it.orange bud is a skunk bred out for orange characteristics.Skunk genes are cheap too.
  11. The largest yielder that I've ever had was a Special K from Sagmartha, I believe. This particular plant had acted as my mother for about three grows. I was moving her out to start a new strain, but she'd gotten much too big for the flowering area. So my roomate and I moved her out to this little secluded patch of shubbery out on one of his relatives farms. She continued to veg there for another month or so before flowering. At the end of flowering, and her long 14 month journey, she ended up at 9ft shrub, putting out right around 11oz of tasty Kali goodness.
  12. I wouldn't say thats a high yield considering the age of the plant.I get yields like that off clones 1/4 that age
  13. OG #18 x Skunk from Reserva Privada - 134 grams dried. 400w HPS, Coco with Sensi Bloom A and B.

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  14. nice thems some fatties

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