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  1. i want to get some auto beans for experiment over the sumer...whats some high yielders guys??

  2. I've heard Automazar from dutch passion yields good.
  3. https://www.cannabis-seeds-bank.co.uk/barneys-farm-auto-sweet-tooth/prod_65.html
    This is a really high yield fast flowering starting at 0-8 weeks.

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  4. I got nearly 4 oz off one Annapurna Super auto plant under 250w HPS and in a 5gal container. I grew it a few years ago and it was a slightly unstable strain back then. It kept producing calyxes way after her due date. Got a little bud rot because I kept her in flower a bit too long wanting to see how far she will go. Not sure if FlashSeeds has perfected the strain since then, but may be worth a try? She will probably produce closer to 5 ounces in a bigger container under a 400 watter.
  5. Niceee ill grab one an try it out

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  6. Think different is suppose to be a good yielding strain. Search Google for Seymour buds think different grow. I think he pulled over 300g from one plant. Haven't tried it personally.

    Pandora from Paradise has been a good 2 to 3 oz every time for me.
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    Double post.
  8. Double post?

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