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Highest THC Content?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by DeadMaus, Oct 18, 2009.

  1. Which bud has the higest THC content?

    ive heard its Mountainusk Thunderfuck at a percentage of 32% but i cant find anything about it so i dont believe it exists

    I'm really curious Thanks guys
  2. man it depends on too many things, you cannot say that one strain has more thc than another. thats like asking what race person has the biggest brain
  3. G-13 is a HQ strain theres this cannabis cup pic somewhere of some shit that has like 30 percent thc and i guess thats a shit ton. idk wish i could help you more op.
  4. My friend has just come back from holland and said he smoked a strain called Wheelchair. Apparently its 38% THC and makes you feel paralyzed. Hence the name.
  5. That would be sweet, I just wish I had a cigarette bat one hitter of that stuff.lol that would prolly fuck me up hella!

  6. I heard there's a strain called 'Coma' with a THC content of 43%.

    Apparently u don't wake up
  7. Thanks for that lovely piece of sarcasm.

  8. no need to be sour

    eat this, and you'll feel better :)

  9. Lol i actually found it funny. It's hard to get emotions across on the interwebs:eek:
  10. Is that a burnt Toaster Strudel?

  11. ive seen that G13 picture that dude up there was talking about....actually i have it somewhere on my computer but i dont really wanna look it up but the percentage was like 27% and that shit looked crystally as fuck

    im just waiting for the one douchebag that says THC percents arent real
  12. hence the sadface :(

    eating something sad should make you happy

    it's the way of the world
  13. THC percents aren't real
  14. I'm just kidding man, I'm not sure anyone would really think that though
  15. haha i know man
  16. OP I'm not sure which strain has yielded the highest percent THC for a single plant but what you are talking about is Matanuska Thunderfuck so thats probably why you couldnt find anything on it.
  17. My lungs would be pretty chronic.

    Let's harvest some hash.
  18. yeah man i got so much resin in my lungs you could scrape them and smoke that shit
  19. Yeh it's baaad.

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