Highest temp that youve flowered at

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  1. Hi,
    I'm suffering from the indoor growers greatest problem, high temperature. My plants have just started the flowering stage on 12/12 cycle.
    I realize that the ideal temp range for flowering is 18-26<sup>0</sup>C(65-80<sup>0</sup>F). I have a dimmable ballast with 400 and 600 watt settings. When I run at 400w I'm getting 26<sup>0</sup>C, already quite high. At 600w I get 32<sup>0</sup>C.
    I have good airflow through the tent, the air is being changed at least every minute, probably more. I'm not looking for advice on cooling, there's nothing more I can do with the circumstances I'm growing in.
    At 400w I'm not to badly under powered. I've 4 plants in a 1m<sup>2</sup> tent. There's a link to the grow below.
    What I was wondering is has any one tried flowering at 32<sup>0</sup>C (89<sup>0</sup>f) and had a successful harvest?

  2. http://forum.grasscity.com/indoor-medical-marijuana-growing/796136-how-will-plants-produce-high-indoor-temperatures.html

  3. Basically try and keep high co2 levels and your plants will balance it out.

  4. Thanks for sharing that post, I've heard similar things before which is why I made the post, but I've no way of adding CO2. Just lots of airflow. I'm tempted to try my luck with the higher temps.
  5. My closet gets over 90 sometimes and I flower in there
  6. Some days my tent hits 100 during the day, but most of the time its in the 70-85 range.
    Cheers, seems like 3 positives for more light higher temp so far...
    I'm not endorsing higher temps. I have to turn my light down to 75% or 50% sometimes. I'm always looking for ways to lower temps.
  9. 120F and everything died :D
  10. Understood, but sometimes you're stuck with what you've got.
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  11. Exactly
  12. Maybe consider an LED light. They stay so cool you can touch them even after they've been on forever
  13. At tops of plants 80 is ideal, 85 will work, 90 will as well, 95 is about as high as you want to go, negative things start happening around 100. 110 plus forget about it.

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