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Discussion in 'General' started by Chillout, Jul 20, 2004.

  1. i am not stoned right now but i was just wondering . . .

    when i smoke the good weed i get more stoned than i have ever been before. every time. so that means every time i get high i get a little higher than the last time. so every time i smoke out its the highest i've ever been.

    oh yeah i've been smoking for like 2 and a half years and basically never stopped for more than like a week at the most.

    does this happen to anyone else? or am i just an anomoly?

    if it doesn't happen to you why might it happen to me?
  2. ive been smoking for like a year now, and it seems like i get a little higher each time, maybe not that much. but it just keeps getting more and more fun to me! also, does anyone ever feel like they are floating? i get that feeling sometimes, usually when i smoke with someone im incredibly comfortable with, and i'm in a comfortable situation, and i have some dank ass weed to smoke. i love the feeling, but i havent been able to achieve it in about a month. just wondering if anyone else has felt it...
  3. ^^I've felt like that many times. Interestingingly, it happens to me much more often when I'm in the situation you described. You might be on to something there.
  4. Do three gravity bongs with good pot (no schwaggy shit), and you'll probably be the highest you've ever been.

  5. i absolutely love that feeling, can't wait to achieve that state once more, as today is the last day of my grounding i will be smokin it up all week trying to get there again. i've also noticed it doesnt happen when i'm with a group of people, usually just has to be me and 1 other stoner...

  6. my record is 13 in a row, i slept good that night
  7. i think the highest i have ever been was on a airplane
    i was 35,000 feet high!
  8. For most people, each time they smoke, they get less high due to a tolerance build up.

    Maybe you're some sort of freak.

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