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Highest I've been yet

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by TeaToker, Apr 23, 2010.

  1. Today I got the highest I've been yet. Considering I'm fairly new, I probably wasn't that high. BUT, it was awesome.
    So I picked up about a gram of some high grade homegrown bud yesterday. Don't really know what strain it is..

    Anyway, a friend and I went and smoked a bowl of it today at 4:20 ;)
    We found a place near a park in our town, smoked, and walked through the park. Wasn't feeling that much until we stopped at the end of a field, and tried putting eyedrops in. Right as I dropped a drop into my eye, BAM. Hit me like a brick wall. It must have hit my friend too, because for what felt like the longest time, we just pushed each other around laughing our asses off for a while. As we continued walking, I felt more and more high. It was crazy. My friend looked almost 3D, all slow like. Can't even explain it :p
    I kept asking him over and over if he was feeling anything, and he wasn't feeling a single thing, besides everything being funny as hell.

    Some amazing stuff :)
  2. dude ur freind looked 3D? i want some of what ur smokin
  3. thats weird. my friends are always 3D...

    am i always high? im scared
  4. Was your friend 2D before? That's just weird.
  5. what the fuck were you taking to make your friends look un-3D in the first place?:eek:;)
  6. Hahaha I didn't mean actually 3D ;)
    Everything else was really flat compared to him, I guess.

  7. back in my day, we called that a crush.
  8. back in my day, we called that acid

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