Highest i've been in months

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  1. Smoked some homegrown nugget today. Smoked 2gs to my head and my dad was blazed and put ZZ Top on. Fucking best dvd next to Alf season 1
  2. lol this is not much of a story id like to hear more...
  3. Well today my boy pissed on a homeless guy and we had to run from the cops because of it.
  4. That was stupid... and pretty immature...
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    Really dude? I'd laugh if that homeless man whipped out a gun and shot "your boy" in the fucking stomach. Now that would be something to laugh about, your story just makes me sick.

    How could you stand to be such an ass to someone so unfortionate. Just today I was in Minneapolis going to a headshop and I was approached by a homeless man. He asked for some cigs, and I told him I didn't smoke cigs. I said I can spot him a couple bucks if he wanted to buy some, and he accepted it, and thanked me for it. We walked around and talked just for a little bit but he told me how much he appriciates when people help him, no matter how little or large. His name was Vinnie, and he was in my opinion a great guy.

    If I said your friend pissing on him you'd have one fucked up "Boy". Then i'd piss on your friends face.
  6. because we all know homeless people arent human beings. faggot.
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    You fucking sicken me -rep
    Homeless people aren't all wackjobs, don't go out of your way to make unfortunate people even more sad about themselves sadistic prick.

    And your story was 3 sentences, more like a comment you would make to someone asking about your day, not posting in a forum about events that actually have some value.

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