Higher yield... Soil/indoor or Hydro ??

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by nymphetamine, Mar 27, 2008.

  1. i've been soo curious about this since i've started lookin into things. Too me (newbie), soil should yield more regardless, but things like DWC look like they have great yields... So all in all, which is tha best way to go when indoors ?? i hear that soil applications even have tha best flavor, etc... Your thoughts ??
  2. It all depends on the plant, not the medium its in. Different stages are put through on the right schedule and you should have a healthy yield.
  3. those are minimal factors the biggest factor is proper medium whether it be hydroponics or soil is this to help nutes+powerful light for big yields
  4. The poll could use a lot more options.
    Humans - the biggest factor when growing indoor imo.
  5. the size of yeild all depends on YOU. and how big you let your plant get.
  6. If your comparing soil to hydro under ALL perfect conditions the hydro will yield more and faster but a noob could easily f-up a hydro set up cause he don't even have the basics yet.

    Or, depending on how diligent he is and the amt of time he has and the help he has access to,he could rock with a hydro system.:D

    The word noob and soil should be synonymous unless you have all day to read and post and learn.

    Every noob should do one FULL grow so he knows the basics and then a hydro grow will be successful most of the time.;)

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