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what should be done?

  1. kill white

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  2. kill black

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  3. kill half cast

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  4. kill anyone who sees the issue as just black & white

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  5. kill the racists

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  6. kill no-one. convert the racist. equality & diversity rules!expand all consiousness through educat

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  1. Just saw this movie for the first time tonight... and... F*CK! just how many really cool movies has ice cube been in? (Boyz in da hood)

    this movie inspired me so much i'm making another image ... infact this gonna be the first race issue image i've ever made.

    sorry... just had to tell someone and both my flatmates r away.
  2. I'm really disturbeted that two ppl on this forum are racist enough to vote "kill black". Or am i just stoned?
  3. holy shit dude!....

    i wasn't expecting that.... if the moderators can find out who voted like that, we should out them for the severe slagging they deserve.

    i cannot believe this shit.

    racists here in GC!!!!!

    help moderators!!?!??!??!??! i'm scared!
  4. has anybody seen bullworth..i think thats it..but anyway..he says soemthing like..everybody is just gonna keep fucking utnil were just one big race...thats the way it shoudl be i think...heh, one of my black friends asked me the other day if i would ever fuck black girl..i said..hell yeah, its all pink on the inside...i was always raised that n*gger is a "bad word" and i dont say it that often..but when i do its usually with good reason..and ive called white people n*ggers because thats what they are..hell..some of my best friends are black...anyway..i dont want to get off on a rant so ill just say everybody toke and be happy
  5. i was raised to think that ni**er was a bad word too... still think that mainly... then i saw boyz n da hood! i guess it's all about how it's used and to whom and by whom and in what context. and if it's pronounced nigga, it takes the edge of it... can be quite funny actually. like it's no longer a term of abuse ... and i like that .... leaves the racists with nothing much to go on when a black man squares up open arms and sez "Yeah?" when som fool yells it out.

    i hope a few people click on the kill racists vote. enough to outnumber the racists anyway... that would be good.

    i got no problem with the thought that nazi's got killed during wwii.

    heh. sez the pasaphyst.

  6. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion(doesn't make it right), but I am disappointed that people would vote "kill black". It could have been just an attention getter. Of course, we'll never know until they post their true opinion on the subject, whoever they may be.

    My opinion is that we are all human and if we act human then we should be treated as such. Neither color nor culture should be a factor in how a person is treated. It's what someone's about that matters.

    The sad fact is that some people are going to have a problem with other people, no matter who those "other" people may be; whether they're black, white, Mexican, Canadian, handicapped or mentally ill.

    Example: I dated a man for quite a while from Sweden who was in America for flight school and was shocked at the amount of people who had a problem with that. People actually did really mean and cruel things. It just showed me that some people live to torment others no matter what the issue.

    I hope to see unity one day. Until then, I will do what I can to achieve it.
  7. I use the word "nigga" a lot. I live in New York City..i have many black friends. We use the word quite loosely in friendly terms..its not a big deal.
  8. hehe. thnx mods.

    did u take them to da gas chamber as well as remove their votes?
  9. Hey Digit, I thought the film was very powerful, and to me it brings me back to the fact that racism still exists, even though the film is a few years old. I live in California, where racism is very invisible, or very minimal due to the huge amount of liberals in the state.

    It surprises me to hear people call black people "ni**ers" in the midwest still, and gays as "fags". This film opened up my eyes in a way I didn't expect, and I'm anxious to see the image you plan to create, just out of curiosity :)

    And to those who voted "kill black" it may seem funny to you, but not deemed as such for others. Please respect that as racism is not a joke.

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