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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by c2k5, May 13, 2011.

  1. What are some crazy ideas you've came up with while high? One I had today was pure nutrient food. Basically it's nothing but nutirents so your body absorbs it all so you don't have to take a shit. Probably not possible but damn that would be a good invention.
  2. Here's one:
    Why don't we save billions on the drug war, keep good people out of jail, and decriminalize a plant? Seems pretty fuckin' stupid to arrest someone for owning a plant.
  3. i should stop smoking soon.
  4. Heres one, dont steal a websites name and use it as your post and ask for the same thing they ask for.... highDEAS

    PS: Anyone else notice it spells out highDEAs? Like the Drug Enforcement Administration? Because i did... I did...
  5. I've never even heard of that website before, and I've heard of highdeas many times before. They didn't invent it, so chill.
  6. Mmm how bout a piece (bowl,etc) with a lighter built in:)
  7. Invent a silent vacuum and a freezer that is like a microwave exept the opposite, you put a warm beer in there for like thirty seconds then it's ice cold!
  8. Im chill. Sorry for coming off as a duesh. And when you heard people talking about highdeas it was probably referencing to that website. But i still love you. I really do <3
  9. yea i heard of it before the website..
  10. It's ight

  11. I find this hard to masturbate to.......

    LOL jks. I usually get the best highdeas when I'm completely ripped and I keep blabbing and blabbing.

    Here's one I'm sure every potty has thought of: LEGALIZE CANNABIS.

    But ok ok, you want an invention highdea too? K so, this one time me and a couple of my friends were blazing in his garage and I thought of this while smoking mint flavoured sheesha/hookah at that time I was like okay so if they can make sheesha flavour from tobacco, honey, glycerin, and flower/fruit lacings depending on whichever flavour you want.. why can't they just sprinkle some dope kush inside. Highdea? No, cuz it's illegal for people/companies to sell dope. HA, BUT. The highdea is to sprinkle our own kush in the shisha bowl with flavour heh xD. Saves a shitload of weed and doesn't ruin the taste of the smoke, gets you pretty body ripped cuz it's just like a vape but with water to cool the smoke down.

    Seems kinda something that people would've thought more about huh? I haven't seen many people around here try it lol.

    PS we named it Wisha (pronounced weeeeee-SHA) weed+shisha. Peace.

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