Highdea's (high idea)

Discussion in 'General' started by YouSuckDude, Sep 12, 2009.

  1. Some of those are pretty good ideas actually.

    Is there any truth to the one about blending weed and molasses, then smoking it out of a hookah? I'd like to try this if it really slows the burning down.
  2. good question man if i had a hookah and a fat sack of mids id try it though...ive heard about putting honey on blunts to make them taste better and burn slower im guessing the same principle is applied here.
  3. that website made me want my own pigeon
  4. Hahaha ya that one is hillarious
  5. Hahaha a couple of pages in someone suggests internet goggles and it got some thumbs up but...imagine being that very first few people who get internet goggles. How much more fun would everyday be if you could make fun of people with internet goggles lol
  6. Haha... Looks like someone is a Tosh.0 fan. I spent all night on this website after seeing it last night
  7. nah tosh stole it from me look at the date of this thread lol
  8. "AIDS destroys your immune system and someone with Lupus basically has an over active immune system. So if you give Lupus to someone who has AIDS, it'll neutralize. BAM! Wheres my grant money?"

    i like this person.
  9. i saw the blunt rolling gorilla one on tosh.0 and laughed my fucking ass off. such awesome stoner musings. I plan on making a few posts next time I'm really "inspired :smoking:

    I find comfort in knowing, somewhere out there, right now, there's someone blazing up and thinking of even more ridiculous shit than me.
  10. i made one on there about selling cereal flavored milk. i thought it was a fantastic idea.
  11. holy shit sorry to bump

    but i swer to god i thought of that before even reading this thread

    i would buy some cocopuffs milk fo sho
  12. they need to make a blanket with sleeves.

  13. your kidding right?


    worst invention ever...proof that people will buy anything you put on tv

  14. "I just realized that the 'Krusty Krab' is located in 'Bikini Bottom'. This can't be a coincidence."

    :eek:... He's right!

  15. My ex-girl got me one as a joke. They look stupid as hell, but they're pretty nice.

    I think they're a pretty decent idea. It really is a bitch to use a regular blanket and surf GC at the same time. :cool:

  16. agreed it sucks it like constricts you so you have minimal movement freedom... which is why i surf GC naked
  17. yes i was kidding.

    But to put forth the necessary effort into this thread, I'm going to have to smoke more.

    be back in a [​IMG]

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