highdea about sneakin weed?

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  1. Have y'all seen the little cylinder ice makers? The ones you fill with water to make ice?? What if you ground up your weed put it in little baggies. Then putting it in the ice makers. Then fillin up with ice to have ice cones full of weed?? Then put some in your drink? And pass it through the dogs as a personal drink? Idk. What do y'all think? I know the ice would melt duh. But just to get it passed initial security. Don't know.
  2. Hm. Seems like it could work.. but you need to keep in mind the level of security. If your going through an airport they will most likely find it, considering they use density scanners and xray machines to check for weapons and drugs. Now just normal security as in guards and body checks, it will most likely work. But then again, it could utterly fail because it could be obvious to anybody that you can store your shit in it.
  3. It's be easier just to not risk it at all buddy just my two cents.
    I would never ever try to get weed pass any type of security unless it's a 100% certainty thing.
  4. There's only one thing you didn't take into account, ice is see through.
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    Aha damn. True. But the pepsi drink isn't? Idk. Or you could get peanut butter and stuff the weed baggies? Idk. I've never flown so idk. Just seen a lot of threads about it
  6. You'd be on a pretty strict time constraint if you did that, then you would have to hide the cup with little smelly baggies of weed on the plane...It might work. But it might also smell. Unless you had like a metal water bottle. There's a whole lot of things that could go wrong.

    Edit: it might smell after the ice melted, which it would after an hour or 2.
  7. You can't bring liquids through security. Next.
  8. Ice is a solid, check your facts bro.
  9. my friends cousin came to ontario from nova scotia and he opened his xbox and pulled out a big bag of weed from it (he flew here) so just puttin that out there
  10. also if you do that take the disc tray apart and stuff it in there. it's hard to open an xbox anyways, well not that hard after you've done it before

  11. Ice is a solid man
  12. Yes ice is a solid, but do you honestly think security is going to see the ice and think 'Oh, it's ice. No way that could melt into an explosive liquid'?

    Then again, Idk jack squat about chemicals and freezing them, so maybe I'm just being stupid :p
  13. Your drink isn't, read bro.
  14. You read bro, this thread is about freezing weed.
  15. Only 100% way is to shove it up your ass for the whole ride
  16. Why would you even go through all the effort? :confused:
  17. Idk. Just an idea I had. Like I said. Many threads recently have been about sneaking weed. So why not? Maybe it'll work better on a cruise?
  18. Tripple bag it and swallow it. You'll see ur bud in a day or two lol :)

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