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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by unoit, May 17, 2004.

  1. HIGH All, I was just wondering how your doing without the Government's's been 8 days now since quiting the The Captain Black' are you into your 8th day too my friend?
  2. Im not sure whatyou mean .... you no longer get medical MJ or something?, sorry im really stoned
  3. He quit smoking cigs/cigars..

    Highya was going to quit as well!

    Congrads UNOIT keep it up my friend

  4. Ohhh yeah it makes perfect sence now!, lol I turn into a idiot whem im high, lol
  5. my mom called me up last month saying she finally quit smoking cigarrettes for good also. shes been smoking for 30 some years and has tried to quit multiple times using gum, patches, ect. nothing worked until she read this book which explained nicotine addiction and whatnot in such a way that she just straight up stoppped smoking, and hasnt for 3-4 weeks now...

    i never became addicted, but i used to smoke around friends and whatnot.. now i dont at all.. good luck Uniot!
  6. my dad smoked for 30 yrs and coodnt quit until now, and hes got if you quit before then keep it up man
  7. HIGH All, thanks people!!!! Yes been a long term smoker Also..started in 73' and quit in 91' then started to smoke Captain Black 02' and quit for the last time 04'.

    Lungs are saying yay "out with the bad and in with the good" he he.
  8. hi,
    alotta peeps i've not seen for a while.

    good going man. keep at it.

    i gave up about 4 days ago. i've given up many times before, but this has got to be the easiest its ever been. not saying it's easy, but it is the easiest. this is the time. never again. with my medical problems is quite vital that i stop, and has been for the past 6 years-ish, past 3 extremely so.
    i'm not touching the booze at all, so i know i wont get drunk and let my gaurd slip, i'm gonna say no to joints.... i might even be staying away from hashish too.

    it would be a hell of alot easier if i had some bud for my bong... but i can do this without it.

    what's it like having your sence of smell return? has it been as good for as as it is for me? or have you been surrounded by unpleasant odours?

    the real pity is, after 10 years of smoking, i started when none of my friends smoked... they nearly all smoke now. thats the painful part. watching close dear friends making the same bad mistakes as adults as i made as a child. :(

  9. HIGH Digit, we don't talk much do we!!....

    AAAHHHH the smell my friend...the ocean with it's never ending lapping at the shore,

    the forest ever so green..the fresh grass being shit when someone steps in it...

    the puke your dog just brought up which smells like cat shit...

    MMMM I think I'll go Back To Smoking now *LOL* just kidding my friends...once and for All!!!
  10. HIGH All, well still no smoking of the Black's....I knew it wouldn't be a problem..did it before...keep it up only gets better.

    So HIGHa how's it going for you my friend????
  11. aah very well unoit......i forgot i was not alone on glad you quit too. cha-ching on our combined, hell cha-ching alone on my savings.
    after smelling again is tasting :D food is soooo much more tasty now.
    annnn then i noticed just how much my brand of smokes smelled worse than a couple others.
    if i get drunk again ( it could be years from now like last time) and forget i dont smoke, and steal peole cigaretts and smoke again yell at me all the way from up there! then come alllll the way down here and kick my a$$.
    deal? :D
  12. i forgot to say its my 20th day......
    i did have a little "tiny" anger problem the first couple of days but....well im much better now.

    ok, really i just got to blame my anger management problems on not smoking for a few days.:D
  13. Now if l could just do it myself ,lol.:D
  14. I'm 10 days away from 1 year without cigs! It's tough...but it's worth it! All I smoke is pure marijuana! Boy howdy, it is the best!
  15. Haven't had a cigarette since Jan 13 2001. Glad to see
    others quitting too.

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