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  1. HIGH all! I think I am going to dig this place.

    I happen to be smokin' a bowl for all you guys right now-how about smokin' one for me!!!!!

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  2. **puff puff** welcome, Reform MaryJane Laws.

    My sister in law's name is Mary Jane! :cool: [​IMG]
  3. welcome to the coffeeshop.
  4. Hi MaryJane!

    Good to have you onboard, read and write! Learn and have fun!


  5. hey maryjane. i just smoked one for you and im really f*cked up! welcome have a good time
  6. Well I guess I could burn another one...Welcome to dis board. :) ah, what the hell, I'll spin up a halfquarter dub for ya :p

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  7. Well hello, lol. :D

    I'll smoke a bowl for you later tonight. Glad to have you at the City!

    Okay, okay, it's better late than never, lol. :D

    Edit: So almost 3 years later I'm happy to see that your still diggin' the place!!
  8. She comes, she stays, and we all love her!!!!!!

    Welcome to the city Mrs. Queen High Girl of the month!
  9. talk about digging up the old shit!

  10. No shit, man! This is way back when it was the Coffeeshop and the City didn't even exist!
  11. alittle before my time......
  12. awe how fun!! :D you ROCK rumjilly :)

  13. high, i haven't smoked a bowl but i ate a hash youghert earlier and i'm stoned so...it's all good :)

  14. So technically, that means Jilly was one of our founding Mothers, lol. :D

  15. leys try not to make her feel ....old.....

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