High yielding OG strains??

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  1. I was looking into getting some og kush from reserva, or larry og from cali connect(i want tahoe but they're out of stock), but which will yield more? And any other kush varieties that are high powered, and relatively high yielding? Ps I already know kush isn't normally known for its high yields but its high quality, thats why I said relatively.
  2. :wave: OG#18 from RP isn't a bad yeilder IMO yeilds the same as some of the non kush strains :smoke:
  3. just rember the picture the seller shows you if it looks unstable leafy airy small then it's not for you because they show the best pic they have and yours wont look any better so when looking see how the bud grows and find the best like look at the super skunk garbage brainstorm haze junk if they cant show good pics then stay away there unstable
  4. i was lookin into og#18 as well, but i have never smoked it,or at least i dont know if i have, how is the high? and smell/taste/look compared to their Og?
  5. wtf ?!?!?!?!?!
  6. I just finished harvesting some #18. In fact it went in the jars yesterday. I have never knowingly smoked any OG or any of the multitude of cuts so I can't give you any comparison.

    I can tell you that the #18 I grew has to be one of the stinkiest plants I have ever grown. I didn't notice it while it was growing because of the odor control I use in the growing room but once I hung it up to dry away from the carbon scrubbers it stunk up the whole room ... in a good way. It reminds me a lot of the classic cheese smell but has another component to it that I can't quite identify - maybe fuel or sour.

    It smelled so good in the jars that I decided to hit a couple of the popcorn nugs last night. The smell carries over to the taste and the effect went straight to my forehead after one hit. Of course I wasn't done after just one hit. I am a heavy longtime smoker with high tolerance and this wasn't my first session of the day. For me to feel an effect like that immediately is very impressive to me. After a few more hits I was up in the clouds for quite some time. I am sure I will build up some tolerance to this strain with more practice but my initial impression is that this is some powerful and lovely tasting weed.

    If you are in it for the yield then you will be disappointed. The buds are very dense and resin covered but the distance between nodes is a little ridiculous. Now I know what people are talking about with the "OG stretch". If you are just looking for some excellent weed with great taste and smell, this is a worthy candidate.
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    Here's a poorly trimmed OG #18 bud shot:


    And a super closeup:

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  8. How is Larry og? Anyone have any experience growing/smoking?
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    nice pic
  10. most og or kush are very good all around in my side of town in the lab test tahoe og has one of the highest levels right now slamming yields rock hard bud
  11. OG #18 is some super bomb lemon fuely funk
  12. ok im growing the OG18 right now. not too impressed. i grew the og as well. equally unimpressed. i will say i have 2 diff phenos of the og, with one being lanky with dense nuggets, but not too resinous. the other pheno looks more promising. smells similar to a sour bubblegum. fat colas with buds all throughout the main stem. looks more resinous then the other, but i am still unimpressed so far. i will wait til cured and smoked to give my true opinion. and remember these are from seed(Reserva Privada)

  13. Hey bro if you look closely that guy has been banned. Be very careful here and read the forum rules because you just violated some with continuing the name calling. Thank you very much.
  14. yes Crispy the comment was a tad flippant. Still not as bad telling peeps to look at breeder pics to find a strain .. some are not even pics of said strains ( G13s Pineapple Express for example). Sensi's Super Skunk is one of the most durable/dependable strains out there. And in the right hands makes that pic look like a swath of TP.


    PS They're , Their , There
  15. Maybe some folks like to grow swath's of TP :D

  16. ive done sensi seed super skunk that is what i base my judgement on that was one of the worst strains hermie low yield fox tail buds it just was not for me
  17. OK the og 18 is showing me a lil something... it actually smells like an og should, but at the rate its going, it will yield way less than both phenos of og Kush that I had. But back to those og Kush plants, I'm disappointed in reserva privada... the yield wasn't too bad, but I would take frosty lemony diesel smelling buds over high yield anyway. I don't even want to pop the other 4 seeds of og Kush I have.. scared of wasting space, time and energy on those seeds for fear they will become the same plants I harvested. Which I also consider a waste

  18. :wave: Is that who makes the White Label - White Skunk?

    That White Skunk really rocks :D:smoke:

  19. Ganja @ Sensi Seeds

    Sensi > Cannabis Forum: Sensi and White Label

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