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High yield, Fast Strains with stealth grow

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by robbinthehood, Dec 23, 2007.

  1. I am looking for a strain that is fairly noob resistant as it is my first grow and that has high yield. I also want a more chubby plant than tall. I was looking at dr chronic's website and so far I have been lead to hashberry due to its short height and price.

    I am also looking for a good stealth grow setup that can possibly have 3 plants or more but still be very very stealthy. I was looking at a setup with rubbermaid similar to the one in this thread http://forum.grasscity.com/grow-roo...-cheap-super-stealth-rubbermaid-grow-box.html

    If anyone has any input on either the strain or a good stealth grow setup for a closet it would be greatly appreciated.

  2. short, high yield = indica

    do you like indicas?
  3. I would say hashberry or speed queen from Dr.Chronic. Hashberry looks nicer and has more THC, but it is slower. Speed queen is faster, with less THC than hashberry.
  4. Indica's are okay but, I was leaning more towards a hybrid maybe. Are there any hybrids that are known for being short, high yield and noob resistant? I am leaning towards doing lst too.

    Any advice on other grow setups is appreciated too.
  5. You could always just pick whatever strain you want and do the method of "topping" which makes the plants shorter and bushier and also increases total yield, on info on how to do this and a more detailed explanation go here: http://forum.grasscity.com/absolute-beginners/122559-how-fimming-topping-made-easy.html

    Hope this helped, Peace and happy growing! :eek:
  6. Northern Lights is a hybrid that tends to stay short, decent yield, and noob resistant (I like that term:p).

    But, just remember that in general the more a hybrid acts like an indica when growing the more it will smoke like one.
  7. I do like northern lights but Ive always heard that they take a good amount of time to harvest. Im looking for a good, fast growing, potent strain with high yield.

    What would yall recommend for a high yield plant that is also very fast and it could be an indica but, I prefer sativas.
  8. bump for highest yield either sativa or indica is fine.
  9. Big Bud?

    "Big Bud is Winner of the Cannabis Cup in 1989 as a best marijuana strains. A must for the
    grower with high ambitious intentions, The yield of this indica marijuana strain is legendary,
    producing massive buds with gigantic leaves."

    There's lots of sites comparing yield, maybe these will help?

    This ain't what you asked about, but wow! http://www.medicalseeds.com/medicalmarijuana.html
  10. Thanks amsterdamage, thats exactly the type of websites I was looking for. I usually just look at dr chronic's site.

    A lot of those look good. Its either between a new strain or satori on dr chron's site. http://www.drchronic.com/products.asp?recnumber=870

    Thanks again guys

    Edit: beginner question but, with the yield advertised in m2 how many plants is that usually for the yield? Also is it with all 10 plants when it isnt in m2?
  11. Ill go ahead and suggest northern lights x big bud surprisingly good smoke and great yields along with being a super resilient plant. I am a bit biased considering it is the only strain I have grown but i doubt you will be disappointed.
  12. any links to a seed distributor?
  13. NYSD show'd me this site: www.highgrade-seeds.com/

    I ordered some seeds monday night after a really good recommend from NYSD.

    They have a very nice selection and even a how-to, and how easy each plant is to grow. That + great product guarantees = winner. imo

  14. Thanks for all the input guys, Im liking big bud more and more. Does it grow taller than 4 ft? Im looking for something short due to height constraints and high yield. Ill probably either lst or top the plants to make them fill out.
  15. NL5 grows between 3 and 4 feet tall. It's a great strain. I too would recommend Highgrade Seeds. They guarantee delivery. :hello:

  16. what about this:

  17. yea im gonna get frm drchronic or Highgrade
  18. chronic is high yeild, also apparantly has low odour during growth, also some killer bud.
  19. yea try one of those super strains from HGS black pearl sounds amazing high yield and just top and LST you'll be fine...
  20. If you go with Hashberry, it may be less expensive to get them directly from Mandala seeds. I used them last year and received my seeds promptly and in good condition. Unfortunately, my Mandala No 1 was stolen before I even got a taste.

    Anyone used it?? Let me know how it is!!

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