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High with Headphones vs. High with Speakers

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Thorkgonsam, May 14, 2011.

  1. I notice that it totally changes the experience, a great pair of over the ear headphones immerses you in a world impossible to concentrate on, as I write this I am taking long breaks in between thoughts to pause to remember what I am doing. While with speakers it seems like a freer ambient high. something that lets you sink yourself in the world, unlike headphones which shut off and create their own world for you.

    Anyone care, any opinions? oh I am having a little celebratory toke for my birthday today, the 14th for people who didn't know in crazy "not eastern standard" timezones.
  2. I prefer speakers bc the bass on my computer speakers/sub is a lot better than headphones
  3. I agree, headphones (or even earbuds, but not quite as good as over the ear headphones, but better than speakers) make music sound much better than normal speakers. It really lets you feel the music, I know what you mean. I feel much higher when I put headphones on and listen to music.
  4. Nothing beats music through headphones. The way music is supposed to be heard. You hear everything and shit you didn't hear with speakers.
  5. skullcandy bass booster ear buds or turtle beaches x11 are like whole new worlds. turtle beaches have surround sound and it just immerses you in a world unlike any other. Best when used with dubstep.
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    I absolutely love my portable setup /w the cowon s9 + re0s earbuds [eargasm ;)] but ive considering buying a new pair of cans for awhile now.

    still, sometimes you just gotta feel the bass running through your body, and you need speakers for that.

    if you like the bass on skullcandy (which are shit tbh) you should look in to something like the hippo VBs. They're quite affordable and I guarantee itll completely change your view of your music.
  7. I bought 3 pairs of skullcandy earbuds, each pair broke over a period of a few months. Why did I keep buying more pairs? Cause I bought into the fad bullshit that skullcandy earbuds are 'cool.' I'll never buy those again, especially when they malfunction on their own.
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    I love my Sennheiser HD555's. Absolutely incredible sound.
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    qft. their build quality is horrid and the sound quality is worse then a pair of $10 JVC earbuds from walmart. but theyre trendy so you know, great products

    totally. i got a chance to listen to a friends 650's the other day and i was blown away. theyre a bit out of my price range though :(

    any head-fiers on here by chance?
  10. i love listening to my grado sr80i, accompanied with my little dot mk ii. it's a must when i get high. can't afford a speaker rig though. :[

  11. I decided that over the earheadphones will make a more immersive and overall generally better experiance for toking, I was right
    I got 10$, originally 30$ maxwell over the ear sound isolating, ear phones, great build quality, like 2.5 inch diameter. These will replace those forsaken fucking apple earbuds, and decent Creative earbuds that I have been using, and these Sony over the ears. I passed up skullcandy each time, I heard of their reputation
  12. Dude, that's gotta be such a sweet sounding setup. I listened to my GF's SR60i while high recently and decided I must have headphones again.

    I have had Grado SR-255i, HF-1, and some Stax electrostatic.

    My Cambridge speakers are really nice but a great pair of headphones just transports you to a different world.

    My speaker setup is about $1k total and I think that my $500 headphone setup was better in a lot of ways, as far as pure sound quality.
  13. the sr80i's are very nice for budget cans, and really comfortable. im in the same boat with ya on the speaker setup.


    just some headphone pr0n, which ill never be able to afford.

  14. I'm really hoping for a pair of these when I do get a pair of headphones. Need to put a bit o' cash away though.

  15. Yea iv thought if this b4 but id def say that speakers are way more enjoyable cuz that bass dogg!
  16. High with headphones...
  17. Once you get a good pair of over the ear headphones you're able to hear parts of music you've never heard before.

    I have these headphones and i love them.

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  18. I completely agree on the over the ear dominance. I had a pair of Monster Jamz earbuds (they're similar to the ibeats just came out sooner) and they sounded great, but then I got a pair of Sony XB500 over ears and they blew me away!

    For a relatively inexpensive set of headphones (cost me about $80 at Best Buy) They are incredible, the bass is powerful, almost like having subs on your ears, and the mids and highs are crystal clear.

    Music on anything else just doesn't sound the same anymore :(

  19. I've heard really good things about the bass on the Sony XB series. Does it overpower the mids or highs in any way?
  20. I love my bose headphones when im high but i have 2 type rs in my car and they go hard and its soooo cool when your high as fuck lol

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