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  1. Ok I See Storys Of With Mom Or Dad But With Family Like with 5 + more family Let Me Start
    So We Where Gunna Go To The Park To See The Lights So I Say Ok 30 Mins We Can Go I Open My Window And Take A 2 Huge Hits Of A Bong :bongin:  Take A Shower And Go Im Acting All Fuck Up Cuz The Lights And I Was Gunna scare The Kids So I Go Tho The Back And Then A Cop Comes Out And Screams HEYY YOU Me High
    I Froze And He Said What You Doing So I Go Up 2 Him And Whisper All Stupid Trying To Scare Them Kids He Looks At Me Then Says Ok Bye Kinda Killed My Buzz ....
    So Then When We Finessed The Family Said Lets Go For Donuts :yummy:  I Was Like hell Yea I Go Wanting Like 6 Doghnuts But Only Got 2 I Ate Them And We Left But I Was Smokeing Again And I Was Looking For My Wallet Cuz I Had 2 Bucks Of Cleaned Weed So :cry:
    I Tell My Mom If She Seen It She Says No Let Me Call The Place I Told He No Its Ok Cuz of The Weed And She Told Me Im Stupid :confused_2:

  2. Lmfao great story, the capitalizations all over the place made this shit funneeeee

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  3. No One Got One Come On  :ey:  

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