High while watching sports

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  1. is it just me or do you think when you watch sports high you think its better as in the athletes themselves and the things they do rather then when sober.
  2. I watched a few NHL games high last year, and man did I ever get into it lol.:hello:
    Especially if the crowd is going crazy its just really enjoyable.
  3. watching sports high is awesome. the only problem i really have with it is if ur team is playing poorly u will get mad and ruin the high.
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    Haha very true...I went to a Predators game last year with my friend who smoked before we went in, and we ended up getting our ass whooped like 8-0 so needless to say he was extra pissed that night
  5. yea man it sucks! but i did go to a monday night football game once while high....that shit was awesome even tho we lost a close game. the high didnt last very long since it was colder than balls and we got there early, but still! :hello:
  6. Hahah. I find it the opposite with me. If I'm sober and my team ends up losing, I'm pissed but when I'm high it's just ehhhhhhh. That fuck it in ya system.

  7. You can get mad when your high?
  8. hellz yur
  9. Haha ya if it's football I can.... One of the few time bombs ready to go off in me lol. Last year pissed me off so much especially since it was due to lack of effort.
  10. lol i mean i expect failure when the bills play but i will still get upset when caught in the moment. always good to have more weed nearby :smoking:

  11. haha no doubt. :bongin:

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