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  1. I have a really high tolerance and I don't know a lot of people who have one too and its very annoying to deal with. What do you guys do for high tolerance? Just smoke a lot or what. I feel like it can be costly sometimes
  2. Take tolerance breaks
  3. My tollerance got so high that I could smoke any ammount and not get any higher. I took a month off and holy mother of god, I was baked. Take time off man. Im currently on a 6 month forced break. If I can do it you can to.

    2 weeks should be enough.

    What I noticed, is that if id smoke all day my tolerance would go up super fast. If I just smoked at night it wouldnt go up nearly as fast

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    For like a month smoke one a week...first 2weeks don't smoke at all, then have one a week if you want one badly. (Not for the first 2 weeks because your tolerance will still be high so a joint wouldn't affect you) Good Luck, and to avoid this in the future just cut down, saves money and saves you having to have a T break so often and for so long :)
  5. Or just .5 from a piece
  6. I try but it works very very slightly. I went sober for 5 months before and still had a higher tolerance than my friends.
  7. even when I first started my tolerance was abnormally high :\\ not as high as it is now but I think it'll never go down.
  8. Thanks guys...I guess I'm just fuckin cursed :(
  9. I am on a break from smoking as well (1 week in), and I am tempted to smoke though I know I am not going to. I am looking to stop toking for about 7 weeks, so I have 6 to go so that way, I am clean to take a drug test for a job after graduating college. Looking at your post made me calm down a bit since you are 6 months in, so I know I should do it with no problem. I know when I get to toke again, the first night that I do smoke again, it will be like going straight for the moon haha.
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    Nah, you really just need to take a t-break. Anyone is able to have a high tolerance if they smoke a lot all the time. Same goes with alcohol as well. Like some others said, go for a 2 week break and don't smoke a lot the first time since your tolerance can easily shoot back up and if you really want to be stoned, wait a month's time... that way, you can buy your weed and have it stored and have a good bit to smoke by then.. Just depends on how you do it.
  11. haha that's the thing I don't smoke a lot. I never have cause I'm always busy and around people who hate It so its not from doing It too much and I've even gone 5 months with absolutely nothing. Completely sober....i am cursed with naturally high tolerance I guess
  12. Smoke some Colorado Caviar...
  13. Hmmm. Now summing up all from this thread, that seems a bit off. 
    I assume you know how to smoke, you seem like a very structured person. You're smoking marijuana higher than mid-grade? And when you burn it, you take all the smoke down into your lungs, and hold for at least 5 seconds (3 mississippis), yeah?
    If so, and with the fact that you take "t-breaks," then maybe it's the scientific definition behind tolerance we need to discuss. 
    Getting high is all about the brain, and everyone is different, so it could be your brain. For some reason, it might harder to reach a point of euphoria for you with marijuana. I have had friends who consistently had "high" tolerance. One suffered depression, so he didn't have as much of what he needed firing off in his brain. Two others did hard drugs earlier in the lives, so again, that repressed a lot of their neurotransmitters, so weed couldn't do as much for them in small quantities. 
    Again, I recommend dabs if you don't get high off of marijuana, especially if you are a casual user. Because if that's the case, you're practically wasting more money on bud.
  14. Maybe you should try smoking a bit more then and see how that goes. Numerically, how much do you smoke in one session?
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    I think this is why I got stoned so easily the first time I started 2 years ago. I never smoked anything else before and the only other think I did was drink wine a couple of times. I had the most euphoric experience ever and I remember everything was hazy and I was walking and it felt like I was in a dream. There were times I took breaks and after smoking I was a sexual freak who would literally purr and nuzzle on my man since I felt that euphoric and all that shit. It's a great feeling to have, and I see what you are saying here. Everyone is different and the brain is the main indicator of how we feel it's affects. Some more than others.
  16. Yeah, weed used to make me so horny all the time!!! :laughing: I thought it was me ha ha. 
    But yeah, it's all about the THC being able to bind to the receptors. Chemically speaking, that process is the same for everyone. But the levels change per brain. And how you maintain the health of your brain corresponds to the type of "rewards" or "pleasures" you can get. 
  17. That is very possible, because I am cursed (or gifted) with a naturally very low tolerance
  18. I'm jealous of you haha
  19. i think you have a good point. I'll try to..."dabble" in other areas lol punssss anyway yeah thanks.

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