High times

Discussion in 'General' started by now and then, Aug 16, 2003.

  1. tonight two of my friends and i smoke 2 nice joints, then went and met up with the girls and hit up downtown..dallas that is! After the long ass car ride which took about 20 mins, and felt like2 hours..we hit up some ice cream...man that was some good ice cream.. now im home...and going to sleep great.

    Tell about your night!
  2. got off work at 4, friend called me and asked if i wanted to get high. bought virtua fighter 4 evolution for 20 dollars. its alright, im just waitin for soul calibur 2 to come out, cuz i own at that bitch! then, i came home, played some warcraft with the tokin friend, computers on that game are hard. then, lets see, ive just been hitting up message boards, playin music, and solitaire since then. just got done smoking my last bowl of shwag, so im good. my friend might still be bringing his computer over tonight and we are gonnahave a 2 day gamefest. he also just bought of Oz. of nuggets, so it should be a good weekend.. im crossing my fingers anyway....


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