High Times Top Ten Counterculture Colleges:

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  1. Just in time for the start of the school year, High Times has issued it's
    annual list of the Top Ten Counterculture Colleges. This year, High Times
    relied heavily upon NORML and SSDP to create the list and used drug war
    activism as one of their top criteria for judging schools. They even
    included a plug for both organizations with info on how to start a chapter
    at your school.

    Congrats to all the NORML and SSDP chapters that made this year's list. For
    those who did not, keep working hard over the next school year and chances
    are you'll be included in next year's list.

    Here are this year's top ten school's. To read the entire article, pick up
    the issue of High Times with Ali G on the cover when it is released next

    High Times Top Ten Counterculture Colleges:
    1. University of Florida
    2. University of Oregon - Eugene
    3. University of Wisconsin - Madison
    4. Florida State University
    5. University of Montana - Missoula
    6. University of California - Berkeley
    7. New College
    8. University of Minnesota - Minneapolis
    9. University of Colorado - Boulder
    10. Clemson University

    Honorable Mentions:
    San Francisco State University
    University of Michigan
    SUNY New Paltz
    University of Iowa
    Eau Claire
    Bowling Green
    University of Central Florida
    Humboldt State University
  2. Living on the edge of oregon, i think U of O is looking pretty good ;)
  3. we live about 3 miles from university of florida.....
  4. Where the hell is University of California Santa Cruz???
  5. wow my college got an honorable mention. Eau Claire. Thats insane its not even that big.
  6. Woot Woot for UofO.... I knew when people told me that Uni Of Oregon was a huge weed school, and I would always be like "ya ya blah blah"

    But I guess it is quite the school for everything cannabis.
  7. suprised clemson got in there since its located in sc. My favorite school
  8. this thread is like 5 yrs old!!!
  9. you can tell this is 5 years old becuase university of washington isnt on there. say what you want but u.w. is the pot suplier for so much of western washington its unreal. i've seen like 7 different kids grow rooms in u.w. and one kid is INSANE, he has a room stuffed with like 30 plants! that and its seattle bro
  10. university of oregon....HELL YEAH.

    and reed.....HELL YEAH.


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