high times marijuana grow guide, can someone elaborate?

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  1. hey guys this is an article that i read in high times. i was thinking to myself, why dosent everyone allow this type of growth (aside from people who scrogg/fim etc.. and have space issues. but to those of you who dont have space issues, with huge grow rooms. why not let it veg a couple months hell why not veg it for 3 or 4 months and another 3 months for flowering? if it gives that much more bud. is the bud less potent? because there is more of it. a friend of mine said something about each plant is genetically prone to give out a certain amount, to an extent. but surrounding and grow have a lot to do with it. something like that.

    anyway, can you veg too long? i see most grows start and 4 months later bud is curing. why not veg for 4 months and 8 months later TONS of bud is curing. or does it just not work like that

    school me

    "I have seen growers who use 15 gallon tubs to vegetate for 2 months until plants are 3 feet tall. The plants then take another 3 months to fully mature at a height of 5'-6' (yielding 3/4 lb. from each plant). Personally, I think it's best to find a balance between yield and time-until-harvest. I like to know that I'll be done in 70-75 days. For this method, flower plants at around 1' tall, give or take a couple of inches for personal preference. These plants will typically yield between 1-2 ounces each."
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  3. it's a weed man you can flower as large a plant as you want....but do the math subtracting stems and leaves....and ya' will see SOG is the way-to-go for max yield Light hours,grams per square foot it can't be beat ;)
    Interesting Sig. ....lol
  4. haha yeah, pretty original huh? hey at least i didnt use your dog too hahahah. nah. actually one of the mods told me the sig couldnt have pics and text too.. i didnt know that, so i fixed it ;)

    anyway. so you honestly think scrogging is the biggest yeilder? even when i have unlimited grow space?

    thats something i DIDNT KNOW. so you mean to tell me (just so im sure were on the same page) that if you had tons of room, unlimited height, you would take 10 plants and scrogg them?

    man that really would be a HUGE blanket of bud....


    haha thanks for your help btw
  5. [quote name='doindia']haha yeah, pretty original huh? hey at least i didnt use your dog too hahahah. nah. actually one of the mods told me the sig couldn't have pics and text too.. i didn't know that, so i fixed it ;)

    anyway. so you honestly think scrogging is the biggest yielder? even when i have unlimited grow space?
    You said a"A ton of space"....we will say 2000sq ft
    SOG...in My perfect world

    Boxes of Shelves 36 inches deep by 40" tall by 8 feet long and 3 shelves high....each row of shelves Illuminated by 3 250 watt HPS per shelf.
    2250 watts HPS per box

    Plants would be in 4" wool cubes 9 per sq. ft. on ebb and flow tables 648 clones per unit...278 Oz dried per box.:eek:

    Each box would have a 24 sq. ft. foot print

    60 of these would fit in 2000 sq ft with room to work.
    60 boxes with a 9 week strain would mean ...Harvesting 6 boxes each week....7 every other ...leaves you having to do "Something" with ...

    :eek:104.25Lbs per week:eek:

    Now this would be able to operate only if Cooled or run in the Fall and winter...:mad:

    Thats life in my "Perfect World"
  6. I dont want to ruin your party because that much weed sounds yummy.

    But unless you know a good network of dealers and willing to put yourself into a huge risk, why would you want to grow that much dope?
  7. so you can smoke yourself stupid
  8. hahahahaha good call 4law

    and dr, if you ever get a chance to live in your perfect world. holler at me. i would LOVE to live there... LOL
  9. dude....that's almost too much weed.
  10. Haha thats quite a bit of cheese when it comes down to it. I know in my shitty area of the midwest (I love the midwest but as far as the bud goes in the rural areas, well you can guess), I know I could unload probably 15 lbs of dank pretty easily a week. When you got the bud at the right price you would be surprised at how much you can actually move. Thats almost 40,000 of bud a week.

    P.s. Anytime you decide to make that dream come true Drbud, I'm in with ya.
  11. He ask me what I would do with....
    A "Ton of Space" and unlimited power :rolleyes:
    Hypothetical Question ....

  12. there for a second i thought you said that would almost be too much weed...


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