High Times' Grow America is proud to present "Buds over Baghdad"

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  1. To The Friends of NORML and High Times:

    High Times' Grow America is proud to present "Buds over Baghdad", a very
    special story that centers on a very special photo. The cover of the
    current issue of High Times' Grow America features Spc. Carlos Arellano,
    a U.S. soldier in Iraq, posing with a beautiful marijuana plant that he
    found while on patrol in Baghdad.

    "This Plant here I stumbled upon by accident." said Spc. Arellano, "I wish
    to hell we could have 'confiscated it' We were working with the Iraqi
    police in an undisclosed location..."

    A compelling story married to a startling image, High Times' Grow America
    is making this cover photo available to every member of Congress "in
    counterpoint to some of the more lurid images coming out of our war in
    Iraq." We would like this image to be seen by as many people as possible
    and we would like your help. Please forward this e-mail to anyone who you
    feel might appreciate the irony inherent in this amazing cover:

    In Iraq, this soldier is a hero. At home, our government considers him a

    Below is a link for an image.

    Here is link to a story about this controversial cover in The Washington

    The June/July issue of High Times' Grow America is now on-sale. It is
    available at Borders, at many Barnes & Noble outlets and at many magazine
    outlets throughout the country. Ask your local magazine retailer if they
    carry High Times' Grow America. If you don't know where to get High Times'
    Grow America you can click here to find your nearest Borders or Barnes &
    Noble outlet.

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