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High Times 'Glass Of 2010'

Discussion in 'Bongs, Bubblers, Water Pipes' started by digital022, Jan 18, 2010.

  1. #1 digital022, Jan 18, 2010
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    Hey GC,

    In case you haven't already seen it,

    there is an article in this months HT magazine (March 2010) titled "Glass of 2010" that features the work of 12 artists..

    Check it out!

    E. Ross



    Dale Sommers

    Mike Fro & Banjo




    Marcel Braun & Jason Lee


    Eusheen (left) & Luke Wilson (right)


    Darby (top left) & Salt (bottom)


    Scott Deppe (left) & Pakoh (right)


    Bonus pic:

    Cypress Hill Custom RooR

  2. Amazing artwork
  3. +rep
    And that roor is ugly as hell... *Hides under a rock and waits to be flamed*
  4. Look at that sexy Luke Wilson tree-:D
  5. Nice Glass Thank you for the post
  6. Is that roor in 3 different pieces?
  7. looks like four pieces. if so, thats pretty cool, especially if you can just use like two pieces or three.
  8. Lol that roor is the most retarded thing Ive ever seen....WTF CLAMPS?! they should have at least used the same glass on glass connection as illi...prob pay about 50 for that.
  9. Thank you! Looks sooo jury rigged :)
  10. That Bong is freakin' huge.
  11. Thanks for posting this! I saw that Roor awhile ago, they made it just for B-Real from Cypress Hill, i'm pretty sure he had it at the smokeout.
  12. yeahh... Im not too sure how i feel about that RooR. Its not really that practical and kinda overdone..
  13. Been meaning to buy that issue......
    Thanks for posting...
    Some fuckin raw glass.
    Cept that 6 ft roor. obviously cypress hill doesn't understand the concept of functional glass.....I mean the worked sections are ill no doubt, but seriously? 6 ft fucking long?
    Doesn't seem functional at all.
    Haha and you need at least 2 people to rip that thing.
  14. Yea six feet is a little excessive. BUT...I have a feeling that if I smoked as much weed as B-Real I would need at least a six foot bong. I'd get mine with like a 100mm joint for no drag.

    As for the rest of the glass featured there, I believe "classy" is now spelled D-E-P-P-E.
  15. Yes Deppe is the man.

    And I don't care how much pot you smoke a 6 foot roor is just completely unnecessary. ESPECIALLY if you were using this for an "on tour" bong. All I'm sayin is, if "B-Real" is such a massive pot-smoker, you'd think he would be more of a connoisseur of glass, instead of:
    Bigger DEFINITELY DOESN'T mean better.

    If he knew shit about glass I doubt he woulda commissioned that EPIC FAIL...

  16. you guys all seem to be missing the point that it come in sections and they all don't have to be used together so it can be smaller.

    also its fucking cypress hill so i'm probably gonna say they need a 6 foot bong so why not have a nice one.
  17. Yeah it's not too practical for smoking pot on a day to day basis but who else has a huge ass 6 foot Roor. They actually have an 8 foot bong too, made by Zong I think.

    Cypress is the shit too
  18. Yes I realize the clamps, I would like it more if it were GONG joints. And sorry but cypress hill ain't nothing special in my book, and for the most part I feel that no ones NEEDS a 6 footer.......That is just excessive. I mean you can't even light the bowl by yourself. But eh that's just my opinion. To each his own.
    I would prefer a lil' sista or fairmaster ANYDAY over that piece, again just my two cents.

    It's just like OK B-Real you have the biggest RooR on the planet, we should all bow down to you for being a pot-smoking god. /end sarcasm

    All I'm sayin is it seems like he commissioned that for the image it adds to him, not for the functionality of the piece.

    But again just my honest opinion............;)
  19. Sorry but I gotta disagree. Underground, TRUE HIP HOP FTMFW.
    FUCK WAYNE, FUCK 36 mafia, FUCK KANYE, I don't listen to mainstream shit.
    Literally shit, IMO.
  20. jesus.... the scott deppe is so clean. and the fro bubb is very nice too. that luke wilson tube also looks like the sickest thing ever.


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