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    This was released in 1978, and can go for as high as $600 in some [rare] book stores. It's a good read ~> 461 pgs..

    Check out the bud in the old days :smoke: Just type in pg 192 next to the "/461" and just navigate from there (use the little dots at the bottom to go to the next pg.. also, click the big pictures to zoom so you can read/see things clearer). Shows ALL the bud they had back then...really good pics. Makes me wish I was born at the time so I could try that shit...

  2. Ungrateful lazy bastards.
  3. thats pretty cool, but looks like they really had do deal with seeds back then
  4. Back then, it actually did look like grass.

    What I want to know is whether modern bud looks so different because of breeding or because it's simply grown better than back then.
  5. Awesome find dude, ive almost read the whole thing already, its so interesting.

    drugs are awesome.
  6. I feel sorry for them. It all looks crappy
  7. But wasn't it mostly sativa back then because it was all grown outdoors in third world countries? These days it's mostly indica because there are so many indoor growers.

  8. That's not what MANY oldtimers say when they talk about weed nowadays. Looks can be decieving. I would love to get my hands on some of that bud that they smoked back then.

    Shiet, who's down for a trip to Colombia to bring in a multi-ton shipment of some of Colombo's finest?!?!?! :D
  9. awesome find bro..

    +rep for you!
  10. Strain type has nothing to do with variables such as where it is grown. You can grow both indica and sativa indoors, as well as outdoors.
  11. I'm well aware, but growing sativa indoors is less common because of its average height. There aren't a ton of sativa strains that are short enough to grow indoors, whereas I've never seen an indica strain so tall that wouldn't fit in a normal room. Time to harvest plays a large role too, certainly, but for many growers it's simply easier to grow indicas indoors than sativas.
  12. DAMN! look at that dannnnnk asss plant at page 203!
  13. i'm a drug encyclopedia, pay me 600 dollars and i'll give you my phone number, you can call me anytime with drug inquiries like a drug hotline... hell people i know do it already for free

    will this pill fuck me up

    can i mix this and that

    what does this do to you/feel like/how long does it last
  14. my friends mom had one of these
  15. won't load for me.. oh well
  16. Once again this is not true. Im not attacking you at all, so don't think that I am. Im just putting my two cents in.
    Using methods like scrog or LST you can keep any plant at a very short height even sativas.
  17. Wow, the interface alone is impressive, haven't had a chance to flip through it yet. Thank you.
  18. I'm fuckin pissed... I lost an auction on eBay for 228 vintage 1974-1999 High Times magazines (INCLUDING the HT Drug Encyclopedia!) for $255!
  19. That "Top 40" is pretty unimpressive.
  20. very interesting.

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