High Times = Crap?

Discussion in 'General' started by Joint, Apr 17, 2006.

  1. Does anyone else think High Times is a bad magazine? I bought an issue a few months back, and I was somewhat disappointed. First off, for a marijuana magazine, it assumes that it's reader base doesn't know jack shit about weed, so there's really no in-depth articles on anything marijuana related. Plenty of pictures, sure, but no substance. What little substance there is creammed between Internation Oddities and hydro store ads is often very detrimental to the pro-marijuana cause, since many of their features on on psychodelics and any drug that isn't smack. And of course, the idea of responsibility doesn't seem to exist with HT, since they apparently think it's a great idea to give unsuspecting people weed cookies. I mean there was like ONE actual article in the copy I have, and it was like The Idiot's Guide To Hydro. Everything else was ads, not about weed, or about some shit I don't care about like a big thing on a rap artist who smokes weed (suprise!).

    Maybe I'm being too hard on this magazine, but all I see it as is a piece of brightly colored paper dangled in front of stoners. Because when it comes to content, the two I've read have been crap. No content, just ads, non-marijuana related stuff, seed banks, and random pictures of bud.

    Any other thoughts? I'm sure I'm not the only one who thinks this but I bet some of you are going to flame me for this. Did I just read 2 bad editions of this magazine or what?
  2. agreed with Joint a friend came down with a high times magazine never really looked at them before i was flipping thru the pages and i said to him ey man theres not that much stuff bout pot in here and he agreed the mgazine inst all that good
  3. Not to mention, the ONE hydro article wasn't even really an article! Every paragraph was like another advertisment for a hydro product. I mean on less than half a page, they plug 10 different products and completely fail on actually educating anyone on how to grow (in other words, the entire article just talked about hydro products, and not how to use them). I feel like I paid for a fucking cagalog, or at best, the marijuana equivilent of those Skymall "magazines" that are in airplanes.
  4. There are lots of Ads and shit but if you actually take time to read the magazine there is some really valuable stuff in there...... and depending on the issue there might be more or less articles. last months issue was mostly a growing issue, but the month before was interviews with 311 and some other people. May issue comes out tomorrow on news stands if im not mistaken and I was reading what was in it in last months issue and i was pretty interested i cant really remember why but i know im going to go pick it up.
  5. i will have to agree that high times is totally overrated because as the poster pointed out the majority of the mag is nothing but pictures of weed and advertisements.
  6. I seem to remember within the past couple of years that High Times was changing its format... relying less on the whole underground liberal marijuana/ilicit drug image and going for a more ad based, everyman's sort of spread. I knew then that it was going to suck as the Premier Stoner's mag.

    I haven't picked up a copy since I heard that story, but I do remember High Times being a primo mag for the hardcore druggie in years gone by. I remember the days when they would have articles on poppy farmers in Afghanistan and how they collected the opium from the plants, or step by step instructions on how to make homemade hash... in bulk! Their Trans High Quotes used to include all the current street drugs and their prices around the world. Really, they used to kick ass as a mag. Bummer that they changed to reach a wider audience. :(
  7. I stick to Cannabis Culture, or sometimes Red Eye. I love the Untold Stories from Boston George.
  8. I've never read a cannabis magazine in my life.

    Just not my thing.

    I smoke it, i chat with you folks about it, and that's just about the limits of it.
  9. Sometimes they can be quite insightful. Loads of cool pics of some good herb.
  10. exactly dude, my cousin has some old faded copies, and the shit that is in there is almost unbelieve that they got it published. 'twas a great mag, now the usefulness that is contained within could be published in a trifold.
  11. I've never bought an issue. I can read everything they have to offer in the mag in the bookstore in 5-10 minutes. That's not to say I don't think they do a good job of promotion and I don't support them - I'm just a broke ass college student. I don't need to buy seeds. ;)
  12. i read heads from time to time
  13. The older ones were great but the newer ones aient bad.

    Alot if information on growing and different strains. Pictures to drool over and everything.

    But somehting jus hit me.

    They used to have a Overgrow section and take a member from overgrow and show off they're goods n shit. BOG usually. Since overgrows down i wonder what will happen to this section. I aient bought a high times in a few months so i dont know.
  14. Damn, this is the 3rd time i am trying to post somethin in this thread... just hasnt been letting me.

    Anyway! High Times isnt THAT bad of a magazine, as long as you buy it, knowing whats in it. If you are looking to learn a lot of stuff, go online and look around forums or growguids (like on the city), i buy HT every couple of months just to check it out, see whats in there. The pics are nice, but there IS a lot of advertising. Def. a GENERAL weed mag.

    Have heard of Heads and CanCul, but the only place that carries them is about 35 minutes away.

    Fun to look @ when high, thats about all HT has goin for it.
  15. yeah, I had problems trying to post a thread or use the search. :(
  16. I just look at it for the flicks. I could care less what it says in there, because most of it IS ads.
  17. yea high times was bought by a larger company or something along those lines a few years back and changed format. apparently they are slowly backing away from the marijuana theme and going for a more maxim type format i think.

    atleast thats what i remember the story as.

    cannibus culture has always been a superior magazine anyways.
  18. as said before, they changed formats. High times was spun into a general counter culture mag and they created a new magazine called "Grow America" that is dedicated to bud.
  19. well stated but i still will look at a hightimes sometime every month....i only read the grow articles and if you read them all they can really help out and give some common knowledge of what you are working with...gets the average man learnin what he needs:D
  20. I'm not to impressed with May's issue. I think they should definately cut down
    on the plugs and put more fookin articles in there.

    They had the former lead singer from Queens of the Stone age. . . .And the only

    Pot related thing HTs asked was Do you smoke pot? He said no, i used to. Then the

    rest i found to be garbage. I was like who gives a Fook if he USED to smoke pot??

    As far as I'm concerned he's a quitter and my pappa always told me not to quit

    something i start.

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