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Discussion in 'General' started by Fubar, Jul 16, 2003.

  1. hello...
    Anyway, i was just wondering if anyone has or smokes w/ someone who has a naturally high threshold for weed. I smoke w/ my brother a lot and he always says that he is not high after we have jsut smoked. this is only w/a small amount of course, but he's alwasy rushes everybody to tkae their hits faster so he cand be high w/ everyome else. But it has been like this ever since he has starrted smoking. Anyway i was just wondering if anyone else has had experiences w/ this, but also i've heard that if u raise your arms after yout take a hit, it gets you higher. Also with other things like coughing is supposed to get you high. peace
  2. raising you arms? would blood flow really make you higher or is it that it's like praising ja? lol.. and i've heard about the coughing thing but i never do it on purpose..
  3. yeah whenever i cough it kinda causes my mind to move to other things and i get fucked, but usally i cough cuz i took a huge hit, and thats the reason i get more fucked up
  4. If your lungs are so full of smoke they're spasming in desperate attempt to eject it, then it was a good hit. ;]

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