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  1. Before you read the content of this post please keep in mind I am in no way a professional of any profession. Somethings in this post may not even be factual, but they are my opinions and understanding of right now and I welcome anyone to further educate me on the aspects of marijuana in which I wrote about, or did not. I also welcome anyone to correct anything I said and tell my why I am mistaken, I would very much appreciate to enhance my knowledge of marijuana through other experienced minds. Please let out your high and/or rambling thoughts of the plant.

    Alot to read.

    You do not develop a physical tolerance for the high of marijuana. A frequent marijuana user of 5 years does not have to use a bigger quantity or better quality of marijuana to obtain the same high as a user who has only been using for 5 months and using once a week. It can be the opposite to contrary belief due to the slow rate of elimination of THC in your body. You build up a psychological tolerance to marijuana and due to the acquired knowledge of how it effects your body independently. Thus, creating the need to use more/better marijuana as you continue to use in order for it to effect your brain at the capacity that it did when you did not have much or any lingering THC in your body. Also this can explain why there are no physical withdrawals symptoms or dependencies, except in the brain becoming dependent on marijuana to release the same amount of chemicals to get your brain functions back to normal before using marijuana and to then on use more marijuana to feel the high once again. You may go through a form a withdrawals if you have been frequently using marijuana for an extended period of time and suddenly stop using the drug. However, the withdrawal users would experience is psychological and the reason it causes users to feel depressed, irritant, having a loss in appetite and all of the other effects that most members of Grasscity unfortunately have encountered, is because THC increases the natural processes of your brain to release dopamine to make you feel high while using the marijuana, but prolonged use of marijuana (THC) can weaken your brains ability to produce and release the neurotransmitters that work to give your brain the “high” affect. When you have damaged your brain this way, you temporarily become unable to function as you did when you were sober before you began using marijuana and before the damages to your brain. You then begin to feel depressed (low) while sober because your brain has been hindered to produce the amount of chemicals that you had before the use of marijuana that it took just to make you feel sober. The marijuana user then wants to use again to feel like there old sober self. (For me usually that first or second hit seems to make me feel normal and sober if I am going through the withdrawal like symptoms of not using marijuana, I then often smoke more to get high.) Even though marijuana does in fact have negative effects on our brains, when compared to countless other drugs, marijuana has minimal effects. Damages that the THC can cause to your brain are also not necessarily permanent. Brain functions can return after the user has spent enough time reducing or quitting the use marijuana.

    The only reason I wrote this is because I believe that it is important to the understanding and acceptance of marijuana that all people be educated enough to form their own ideas about marijuana use. Hopefully this can give some users and non-users of marijuana a better understanding of the drug.

    You should always keep in mind that forming your own opinions based on factual evidence on any subject will give you a higher understanding of all things in life. You should never just accept what you hear or read for the first time that you previously did not know, but to challenge and solidify your belief on all subjects that are important to you. Such as marijuana is to me and why I, along with millions of people all around the world who are educated on marijuana, do not understand how marijuana is justified to be illegal. Stoners like myself are interested in the facts of how marijuana can be seen as being more harmful to individuals and society, than it is as a valuable medicine to individuals and society. If enough educated advocates of marijuana can counter the political way of government and politicains making any generic sentence mean anything they want and making citizens believe, accept, or just not care about what ever they say through the citizens own ignorance and lack of thinking for themselves. We have to educate those who are not knowledgeable on marijuana and then convince them to form their own opinion on marijuana to have a chance at making it legal for medicinal and recreational use. We need more facts on marijuana than the politicians have fabrications against it. Oh and also have you ever smoked marijuana? Shits fun.

    An unexamined life is not worth living - Socrates
  2. Cannabis doesn't damage the brain. so the premise of your whole idea is moot.

    Its illegal for political reasons, and that is all.
  3. if wont be legal until they can pull you over in your car and have you blow in a tube or something and tell how "high" you are at that moment in time. Nothing will change until they find a way to test you "THC" levels...(maybe)...someone alot smarter then me is going to have to work on this one...lol
  4. ^^^Because you can pull someone over and test how many pescription pills they're on too, right?

  5. Colorado already has this worked out. Or they think they do.
  6. THC is not the only ingredient that effects the brain so where does CBD and the other cannabinoids fit into your idea?
  7. I agree most people do not build a tollerance at all...ie..I take 1 rip to get blazed with headies. I did not understand all your points bc I skimmed it but overall I like your passion for the herb mon

  8. I think that's one thing he doesn't quite get. You referenced something about the brain releasing dopamine? As far as I understand, dopamine is the chemical stimulated by other (harder) drugs and is what creates the physical dependence. Marijuana has no direct affect on dopamine levels in the brain. Levels may elevate simply based on the idea that your brain likes what its feeling. What you're trying to say is the brain produces more cannabinoids and begins to expect a certain level above what the body naturally produces. Until that level drops back to normal, you experience the "withdrawal" symptoms you talked about.

    This is my understanding. I could be off, but I think its closer than what you were trying to say.

    +1. With you there.

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