High Then vs. Now

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by PassB5, Jan 15, 2013.

  1. I was just explaining to a kid who doesn't smoke the concept of a T-Break, and it got me thinking of when I first started smoking, and how I used to be when high compared to now. The biggest thing that stood out was driving then, and now. The first time I ever drove stoned, I felt like I was drunk, like for some reason I had such a hard time doing it, and I wanted to sober up so bad, but now I get zooted and drive great without even having to think about it.

    Anyone got any examples?
  2. Driving stoned has always come natural to me.

    The biggest thing that has changed with growing up is i respect the plant far more than i did when i first started
  3. The driving thing is a big one I guess. I wasn't confident and very scared to even get on the main road but now it's pretty much sober driving except 100000x better.
  4. everything was "trippy" then
  5. I've had times when I lost my balance, hell, even a time I could barely move. Now smoking just makes me feel normal again.. ha. Well I'm broke so ill be on a forced t break starting after I vape the rest of my tiny collection of kief after donating plasma. :)

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