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High then drunk, or Drunk then High or High then Drunk then High?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by a_bong_princess, Feb 22, 2009.

  1. High then drunk, or
    Drunk then High or
    High then Drunk then High?

    What is the best/most worthwhile way?

    (Hope this makes sense, I'm high right now.)
  2. high then drunk. i love getting crunk:smoking:
  3. i choose high by itself. but a few beers and then some smokage if i'm gonna drink. cause, beer just taste terrible after smoking.
  4. High then drunk. Drinking then getting high results in a bad night for me.

  5. Same here
  6. both, getting twisted makes for a dank night. :smoking:any time im drinking i get blazed first. and usualy were pregaming, having some shots or a few beers before wed go out. then through out the night i drink and burning settles the spins and helps a lot when playing many consecutive games of beer pong
  7. I like getting kinda high first, just not too high that i don't want to go out or don't have enough energy for partying, then drunk, then totally baked at the end of the night.
  8. I prefer drinking a few beers first (assuming you're drinking beer), then smoking, and using more beer to get rid of the cottons.
  9. Yeah man. i've had many of nights like that.
    Smoke be4 Drank:D
  10. I get high then as the high is off its peak I start drinking. Really the only way that feels good and keeps me from feeling sick.
  11. same, high th nedrunk is awesome. but i got drunk then high and i had a really bad night.
  12. high then drunk. The alcohol really hits you when you do it this way, and lets you guage how much drunker you actually want to get.
  13. Hmm I get drunk then high and enjoy it just fine. In fact since I started smoking when I'm drunk I usually search for a way to get high, it makes me crave weed or something.
  14. idk sometimes the combination will make me puke, but i love it regardless
  15. You're better off not getting drunk at all. I think it ruins the buzz when you're smoking.

    If you must, get high first then drink. The other way around is more likely to make you sick.
  16. i was high then drunk then high once. I ended up having sex in a dorm shower at 5 am
  17. I hope it wasn't with Pepe Le Pew.
  18. I've done that sober...
  19. Lol. Nice replies everyone :)
  20. usually if i smoke first i dont feel like drinking anymore, so drunk then high

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