High THC strains?

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  1. Hello, I'm planning on growing (organically/no-till) a few months from now and want to pick up the dankest (high THC) strains/seeds I can find. Right now I'm planning on getting AK-47 (Serious Seeds) and White Russian. Any recommendations for super high THC strains?
  2. Kosher Kush is the bomb, check into any of the OG lineage you'll be satisfied. If you can find some seed version of a Girl Scout Cookie or whatever some seed company claims to be a GSC seed it's worth a try.

    Cali Connection-any of the OG's

    Not sure their available but Nameless Genetics makes a few og/sativa strains that are to die for.

    Lump Status is coming soon and they have real unique flavors.
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  3. Dr. Who has been the highest thc strain i've gotten my hands on at 31.9% but i've also seen it at the dispensaries as low as 22% but they both kicked my ass. The thc level really will fluxuate with the individual grower. Pineapple chunk i got the other day at 24% just about sent me to bed. I think i'd also recommend blue dream and lemon kush. Some of my favorites. Anything with O.G. in it, anything headband!
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  4. Check out the Bubba lineage as well if you don't want a typical OG indica, check Raskal Genetics you'll find what you want...Stawberry Cough, White Urkle, White Fire (WiFi), white bubba
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  5. So many to chose from! :passtheshit:
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